The brands are always in news for Apple if you compare them with them with anyone else, then surely you will end up nowhere as they are incomparable. Apple is a leader in mobiles and definitely if you are the one and are looking to buy a mobile in the year 2017, then you can, of course, have a look at Apple iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 rumours and news
Apple iPhone 8 rumours and news

Have you ever tried an Apple mobile or Tablet?

This year, i.e. 2017, the Apple is celebrating their 10th anniversary and this is why everybody’s eyes are on them as they are launching their new iPhone 8 for the public. The unique thing about the Apple users are once you start using them your eyes doesn’t rest on anything else, this is the kind of experience that Apple offers. If you are one of the users that have already used the Apple with them, then definitely Apple will be your first choice and you must have done lots of research before investing the same, as the Apple is quite expensive to buy but according to the users it is worth buying. The Apple have been very much famous in giving the services to their clients and the newcomer Apple 8 is one of the gems that is being added into the kitty of fans today.

Let talk about Apple 8 making new nowadays:

  • It’s the April month of 2017, the next month after the ending of the financial year this is the time when lots of mobiles and other new gadgets and every industry launches something new for the user. Apple is said to launch their phone in the market within 2 or 3 weeks after the announcement and the date and time that is finalized and expected for the launch of Apple iPhone 8 are September 2017.
  • No bezel: The Apple iPhone 8 screens are said to have no bezel or button on its home screen to see and handle upon. The Apple 8 has come with the new features with the glass body am definitely with a new experience altogether with no home button on the screen.
  • There are many rumors about the designing of the mobile, according to some source Apple is still designing the body, while others get the rumors about the screen that is about 5.5 inches and follows the edge to edge designs.
  • The display of the phone to not be an LCD rather will be a flexible plastic OELD, and this will make definitely space for more power and a thinner device.

According to some rumors, the Apple will be following the trend of the curved mobiles, and will help the people to have a trend in their hands like never before.

And the most importantly it is said that Apple will move abroad the aluminum body as they have used in their latest models, they will be following the league of their old model of 4S, the glass body. Undoubtedly, if it is true, then it will definitely be one of the best times for the Apple to launch their new mobile with a glass body and it will definitely look great with the same.

Apple has been the leader and surely it will in the near future, there are many platforms that are assumed and trying to make rumours about the new series they are launching through. We are very much sure that they will be launching their best model as the year proceeds which will then. And it will be different again as it is their 10th anniversary so we can expect something different out of it.

Look for the best model as it is always being a waiting for the Apple users as lots if people wait and make their pre-booking for the same, so do have patience after the launch and we are very much sure that you will be glad to see the Apple 8 in your palms like forever. The features and the camera will definitely have launched with the difference as the body too. So be ready to get amazed after the launch of the Apple 8 as they are definitely launching something new and latest. So, wait for the Apple to make an official announcement of the iPhone being launched and the news about the specifications and the features. We are very sure about one thing that whatever they will launch, they are at its best. So, carry on and wait for the best beast mobile to be launched in the market.


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