4 Ways to Hack Someones WhatsApp Messenger without Survey
4 Ways to Hack Someones WhatsApp Messenger without Survey

Simple 4 Ways to Hack someone’s Whatsapp Messenger without Survey

In earlier days in order to exchange the messages, share the images, videos or document, one needs to pay for those. Now with the help of WhatsApp messenger, one can easily send any type of document to anyone of free of costs all across the globe. Whatsapp today has become one of the commonly used instant messaging applications that are available on mobile app store. There are about more than 1.3 billion of active users using the WhatsApp on daily basis according to the recent study performed. Day by day the numbers of users are increasing at a faster rate. But this means that in large numbers of users children are also counted.

Simple 4 Ways to Hack someone's Whatsapp Messenger without Survey
Simple 4 Ways to Hack someone’s Whatsapp Messenger without Survey

What actually can they do on it? Children can be bullied. That is the reason why it becomes essential for one hacking the WhatsApp account of a user. With the broad network on it, the numbers of people want to check or hack the account of a user of many people to know all about the activities. Also hacking will help one in knowing with whom the person is talking, sending and receiving media. So if you are willing to learn how to hack the WhatsApp messenger of any person, read the article to discover some of the ways on hacking account of any user.

Method 1: The best way of hacking into the account of a user- TheTruthSpy App

Method 1: The best way of hacking into the account of a user- TheTruthSpy App
Method 1: The best way of hacking into the account of a user- TheTruthSpy App

TheTruthSpy App provides you full access to numbers of attractive features for remotely monitoring any device. The features will be working in stealth mode so that the suspected person might not come to know that they are being hacked. With the app association, the developers aim at offering high quality of spying services to the hackers. Various researches have done on this application and have proved it to be effective in overcoming various challenges that people are facing in their life.

If you are a jobber and are not having time to look after the partner, children, and you wish to find out what’s going on in their personal life, hacking is the right solution. It’s time for you to undergo for spying so you can easily discover with whom conversation is going on and also a spouse can know what he or she is doing, Where your partner is spending income. Through this application, one can get indirectly connected to the suspected person.

Today TheTruthSpy is considered to be the best spyware for all platforms as it is having never-ending. Once the application is installed in a suspected person device, then no more you will have to take stress about the activity. Whose conversation is being hidden and all you will get within no time. The mobile spy will help hacker in getting the details of callings, video conference online, and text messages as you want. To get all these information you need to get registered officially.

How does it work?

In order to use the application, you have to subscribe to the application on the annual or monthly basis. The best thing about it is that you at any time can cancel the subscription. Once the users have subscribed to the pack, it can easily get into the account. The next hacker needs to download TheTruthSpy app on suspected person phone. On official website http://android.thetruthspy.com you will get all instructions for downloading it.

Once the app is installed, you will receive all the information of location, phone call, social site monitoring, SMS etc. To get information ensure that you are having the good broadband connection in the device. If you face any issue, the support team is 24×7 hours available to help you to get out of issues.

Features of TheTruthSpy

Call spying and recording with the help of TheTruthSpy a hacker can track all call whether incoming or outgoing on phone or in its WhatsApp application. You will get all the information like duration, time, and person with whom talking going on. Also, the alert can be set up on the particular number so that whenever your kids or spouse get the call you get notified. Also, recording calls are possible so that you can listen to those whenever free.

WhatsApp spyWith this spying on WhatsApp is easier and knows all activities done on it. The messaging done will be in front of you. Also all photos, videos will be available to you. Even previous conversations will be known to one easily. You can get the details of video and voice calls and recording as well.

Alert and notification- The best and mostly liked features of this tool are getting alert and notifications. Yes, when a suspected person changes the SIM from the device, the hacker will silently receive the notification through SMS to let you get to know that the SIM is changed and also you will get a new number.

100% untraceable A hacker when go for hacking the device is having the little bit of fear of not being easily traced. This application is working in the background of the phone, it means in stealth or hidden mode. Thus the chances of getting easily traced become nil. So continue on hacking till you are not satisfied fully or as per your wish.

Other features-

  • Social site monitoring.
  • Ambient voice recording.
  • SMS Spy.
  • GPS tracker.
  • Monitor multimedia files.
  • Records app usage.

Method 2: Hack through AppSpy

Method 2: Hack through AppSpy
Method 2: Hack through AppSpy

This is the simple tool but powerful. It is developed for hacking on smartphones and provides all the in formations from the device. WhatsApp hacking is the main feature. The app is available with many other features that are compatible with Android and iOS. Some features are-

  • GPS positioning.
  • Call recordings and controlling.
  • Access to all messages.
  • Multimedia access.
  • SIM alert and notifications.
  • App limiting and blocking.

Get AppSpy App at: https://appspy.net

Hacking WhatsApp-

  1. Root the device (skip if it is rooted already). Visit the official website and install the rooting app. Once it is launched you will see the success chances and time app need to root device. Hit on try it to get in the main interface and hit on get now to begin rooting. If see Root Successfully message, the process is succeeding.
  2. Install AppSpy app.
  3. Go to site, login control panel to look at messages of WhatsApp from own device.

Method 3: Hack through Mac spoofing

Method 3: Hack through Mac spoofing
Method 3: Hack through Mac spoofing

Here MAC means median access control. It’s the identification number that is assigned to network adaptor and Wi-Fi. The best thing is the 12-digit number used for account hacking. You only need to find the number. To hack the WhatsApp follow the listed steps-

  • Uninstall WhatsApp, it is essential but the data will be restored.
  • Get MAC number, located at the phone setting of OS. Go, get and write the number.
  • Change the address of MAC on your device so WhatsApp assumes that it’s installed on the original device. This we call as spoofing.
  • Install the corresponding app, a terminal emulator is for android and MACDADDY X for iOS.
  • Install WhatsApp.
  • Get confirmation code from the suspected device.
  • Restore number on own device.
  • Just hacking begins.

Method 4: Hacking using WhatsApp backup emulator on iOS

Method 4: Hacking using WhatsApp backup emulator on iOS
Method 4: Hacking using WhatsApp backup emulator on iOS

WhatsApp backup emulator is allowing a user in restoring messages from the backup file. This technique is especially for iOS, but it can also be used for android as well. Additionally, it allows hacker gaining full access from iCloud, iTunes and device.

Step 1: Using directly iDevice- It is used when looking for getting information from iDevice having in possession.

  • Download and install the dr.fone and hit on repair.
  • Hit start the scan.
  • Once it is done, choose the WhatsApp chats and hit on recover to PC.

All will let you in easily hacking the WhatsApp account through the device backup. The messages will be restored in the backup of the file.

Step 2: Restoring through iTune backup- It is an identical method, but some difference is there. Just follow the below-listed steps.

  • Run the dr.fone.
  • Select repair.
  • Hit on recover from the ITune backup file.
  • Select backup file and hit on the scan.
  • Choose the WhatsApp messages and then restore those to the device.

Step 3: Hacking messages with no access to the device that runs on android- Additionally, this is the same process but you are required getting the android version of the dr.fone that is easy to use with Android OS. Just keep in mind that option of debugging needs to be checked in device setting. Now begin with followings steps-

  • Run dr.fone.
  • Choose WhatsApp messages and then hit on next.
  • Select in between all or deleted file scanning.
  • Choose WhatsApp messages and then hit on restore option.


All these are 4 ways that are used for doing thorough hacking on the WhatsApp account of the person. The applications are easy to download and install on any compatible mobile phone. The application will easily extract data from the phone on daily basis. Just log in to the application account and begin monitoring on all the activities of spouse and kids through the monitored device.


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