It is a world famous proverb that “it takes two hands clapping to make one noise.” This proverb is fully applicable when we talk about parenting. Being a parent is considered as world’s toughest job. But if your child is gradually indulging into wrong activities, this doesn’t mean that the mistake is always on your child’s side. When a kid is born, he is like a book with blank pages. It is the job of a parent to inject good habits in his child so as to fill the book of his life with golden words. The parents are considered as the first teachers who influence their children in the most initial stages of their life. A child born in a particular country speaks the words of his native language first because it is the cultural and inherited background which makes him do so. Thus, the attitude, goals, views and the perspective of a child depend on what he learns from his parents to a large extent.

4 Signs that Your Parenting Style Probably Sucks
4 Signs that Your Parenting Style Probably Sucks

Probably, when your child lacks manners or commits some mistake, the blame is put on the parent’s right? At that point of time, you feel disheartened and embarrassed in front of others. But do you ever try to find out why your child is doing such mistakes? Are there any flaws in your parenting skills? Is your child following all the social norms which you have taught him? Or is it just that you both are not able to understand each other?

The four signs below will help you to find out that what mistakes you are committing in the process of being a good parent.

If you are neglecting or avoiding your child- as the competition is increasing at a very fast pace, everyone is involved in a race and is in a hurry to work and earn more. But in all these races of life, the parents usually unknowingly neglect their children. It is very important for every parent to spend a proper amount of time with his family on a regular basis. Ignoring the requirements of the kids and leaving them alone can make the child emotionally weak and alone. They may even start feeling that you do not love them and your priority is your work or money. Thus, you must never ignore your children and should spend adequate time with them.

Not creating ground rules- whether it’s a workplace, game field or you home everyplace require a set of rules over which the whole place runs. To be a good parent, you must always create some set of rules in your home which must be followed by all the members of your family. Usually, the kids are nasty and naughty and do not put the things in place, this naughtiness may make them adorable, but when they do the same thing at a public place or someone else’s house, you have to face the embarrassment. Thus you must always create and teach the social norms to your kid who improves their behavior in front of others as well.

Forcing your choices on the child– in the above point it I mentioned that you must create some rules and should teach your child to follow them. But this does not mean that you should force them to do everything that you want. A lot of parents start expecting a lot from their children at a young age. They start finding out good career options without even knowing the talents and passion of their child. Forcing your choices on kids will always lead them towards failure. To be a good parent, you must always allow your child to enjoy his childhood first and then only you must pressurize him about his future workloads.

Be a friend, not a guardian- when your children grow and attain the age of adolescence; they experience heavy emotional, mental and physical changes in their body. Moreover, it is a very critical stage of life where children start considering their friends more important than their parents. Their virtual interaction increases and the parents get concerned about their social activities. Thus, to be a good parent and to keep your child on the right track, you must talk to your children like a friend and should understand their problems wisely.

Apart from this, in the teenage years, the parents can even monitor their children with the help of TheTruthSpy app which will help them to secretly monitor their children’s phones and keep them safe from all types of crimes. The app will ultimately help you to be a good parent and strengthen your bond with your children.


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