2 Ways to Spy on a Cell Phone without Having It

2 Ways to Spy on a Cell Phone without Having It
2 Ways to Spy on a Cell Phone without Having It

Learn 2 ways to spy on a cell phone without having it

With the numbers of free spy tools available that you can use without the target person’s cell phone, it becomes quite difficult for one to choose the right app. There is too much scam into the spyware industry. Many are trapping the people by simply advertising the authoritative cell phone monitoring functions. Also, their provided functions are totally confusing and pram. Addition to that some are there that attracts users by providing low priced package but when they begin up with using the spyware they are asked more to pay to access all offered features. If you are in search of the best spy tool and need the help in making a beneficial decision, you are reading the correct article.

Learn 2 ways to spy on a cell phone without having it
Learn 2 ways to spy on a cell phone without having it

Here in you will see the best 2 ways to spy on a Smartphone without having it. So just keep on reading and know all about those.

  • Use TheTruthSpy
  • Use FreePhoneSpy



This application is a reliable, professional and leading android cell phone tracking solution. This application is fully legit and secure to use. You can easily trust this tool as today about more than thousands of people are using it. Also, it has got many good reviews with an impressive rate of satisfaction of 95%. This wizard comes with excellent design and is having a user-friendly interface. It thus provides a very good spying experience. It doesn’t burden one with the technical complexities and with easy and fast set up a user can begin doing tracking of the android phone within few minutes.

Few steps that you have to follow to use it

To get access to the target person’s phone a user has to necessarily follow the set directions same as mentioned. Thus you will easily be able to implement the aim of spying and will surely get the desired outcome.

Create the TheTruthSpy user account- To create a user account you have to head into the official website (http://android.thetruthspy.com/) of the app. There you must fill in the needed accurate details like email address and password.

Pairing the device- Now provide the app the details of the target person such as OS, number, name, age, etc whatever is asked. In the case of iOS, a user has to provide icloud details. This will pair up both the device shortly. But you on your part must make sure that a good internet connection is there to make the work done quite faster.

Monitor- Now login to the user account and step into the control panel and from there you can easily access all the spying features and see all the activities details recorded and kept saved there.

Why you can choose it

  • TheTruthSpy app is a legit and trustworthy app. In large numbers, the people across the globe are using it for own reason.
  • The app is having a user-friendly interface that is making one to enjoy using it without any troubles and within few minutes the setup can be easily completed.
  • In addition to SMS, you can easily track the messages that are done using various IM apps.
  • The application helps you to keep an eye on all types of activities by offering many spying features.
  • This spyware collects the details of all activities done remotely and displays the data on the application online control panel.
  • There is no need to undergo device jailbreak or rooting.
  • It functions very well in the hidden mode and secretly acquires the details of all activities done by the target person.
  • It is not occupying space into the device.
  • The app when it is in use is consuming very less battery.
  • The performance of the app is very good and it also doesn’t harm the working of the phone.
  • A user won’t find malware and viruses into it.
  • You will get very good support from the professional team for all 24/7 hours.

About spying app features

Calls tracking A user can easily do the monitoring of various calls like incoming, outgoing, deleted, missed into the target phone. Also, you will know the name & number of the caller, profile photo, etc.

Read SMS One can read the SMS that one gets from the bank, company, etc.

Text messages viewing- The text messaging done on various IM apps will be easily seen like on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and also on Instagram, with shared media files.

Check internet history- A user can easily do the tracking and monitoring of the URL and sites visited etc.

KeyLogger This feature is capturing every keystroke of the target person device. Also, it can be used for breaking the encrypted apps password.

GPS location The location can be traced to see which all places the target person has visited throughout the day like casinos, parks, cinema, bar, etc. The alert will also be made if the target moves out of the restricted area.



FreePhoneSpy is a commanding spyware that helps in spying the activities that are done by the marked person. A user using it can easily view the details of all activities conducted by logging into the setup user account and directly heading towards the online dashboard. This app is legal spyware that is used for monitoring the kids, employees, and spouse and friend activities done on the cell phone on a timely basis.

When using the app a user can easily keep track of SMS, text messaging done on IM apps, see call history, view media files saved. Also, it will record the phone’s surrounding and will capture the photos remotely. Moreover, one can see browser history, get access to the phonebook, see calendar notes, etc. But to use the app a user has to mandatorily undergo the process of iPhone jailbreaking and android phone rooting. The app will always work for you in a hidden mode and will collect all details accurately for you. Therefore you can also consider using it.

The end

If it’s urgent you can now only get the best one and start spying to retrieve all activities details.



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