Have you ever thought about the battery life of your Android phones, we know most of you will shout about the same only?

Most Of the android phone are said to have vulnerable battery problems, whether a phone is from the premium class or a low budget one, the issue is same, the BATTERY!

10 tips for better save battery life for Android phones
10 tips for better save battery life for Android phones

Let’s figure out a few measures to save battery life of your Android phones:

  1. Check who is consuming more or taking the juice out of your mobile: Do visit the setting section of your mobile, you will find an organized section to let you know which place is everyone at. If you find that any application is left unused or the feature of your mobile you are not using for a long time. Then you can turn it off for the future or uninstall that particular application.
  2. Reduce the polling of the Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.: To try you can stop the polling of these websites for some time, and see the results. If you find them convincing, you can keep them off for some time and then switch it on as per your convenience. The refreshing feature will also be blocked for some time for the respective applications.
  3. Put your unnecessary hardware on off mode: If your phone uses any of them, GPS, LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth, then you can regulate your battery by putting them off in the wee hours at least. Nobody wants to use them for all 24 hours in their phones. And in the android based, location specific applications keep on running in the background. So, you do not need to worry about the same when you go to sleep, but remember to switch them off, to find your battery back to track.
  4. Choose the extra power saving modes: If you find your battery going off the limits, then do choose the extra battery saving modes so that you can keep the party going one and you do not need to rush to charge your phone. Most of the smartphone has the feature with them.
  5. Stop the running of the application: Once you visit the settings of your phone, you will find the applications that are currently running, you can tap on them and stop them for the time being.
  6. Remove the live wallpapers and home screen widgets: You must be thinking that if you are sitting on the home screen then it can be like that they’re taking rest. But it is not the solution, they are still consuming the battery of your phone in the background. This widget keeps on updating your phone and tells you what’s going on around you.
  7. You can turn off the automatic brightness: Once you start saving the battery, then you will see how the battery can be saved by just turning off the brightness level off your phone. Once you do it, compare the same with your former performance about the battery and we are very much sure that you will find a huge difference.
  8. Update your applications regularly: Some of the applications do require to be updated on a regular period, as the updated version consumes less battery. It should not be the case that you should wait for the automatic updates to run over, as some of the applications do require to be updated manually by you.
  9. Signal strength can also be kept in mind: If your phone is kept in a weak signal area, then your phone automatically strives hard to be in signals and that consumes high battery. So, try to keep a close watch on the signals operating nearby your phones.
  10. Check the review: Before you buy any phone do check the review of the same online through many websites they will give you the various user experience regarding the phone that you are using and how you should go about it. The phones reviews need to be checked before you purchased at different platforms. To get a rational platform in all the cases.

The battery life is the lifeline of any phone, imagine you are out for a long day and your phone is switched off. This is not an imaginary case, most of us have already faced this situation with the phones. So, reading about the phone and the company from where they are manufactured is very important for you. You can also consult your reliable sources for the same as well. This will help you in concluding about the phone and helping others out too in the similar situations.

These 10 tips will definitely help you in increasing the battery life of your phone. So, do make a note to yourself about these points to be taken care of in nuisance, but if you find your phone battery as unrepairable then you can think of replacing the same as well. But reckless of use of phone and applications round the day do make your phone lose the pace and the death of battery before time. Try to use a minimum of application, especially when you are out of your home, as this will help you in regaining the control on your phone and you will also remain confident as reaching your loved ones is just a call away.

The Android users should take care of these tips in maintaining their battery for a longer period as they will surely help you out at the time of emergency or help you require. So, do not let your battery screw you. Just apply these tips and be happy for the time that you can access anything you want.


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