How to protect your minors through TheTruthSpy

What does it mean? TheTruthSpy is the most efficient and oldest reliable cell phone tracking software application available in this generation. Normally, it is used for employers who need to check their business phone and computers. The makers also recommend parents to keep track of the activities of their kids or even aged people staying […]

The best cell phone monitoring application for children

The invention of smartphone has changed our world completely. It has given us a very powerful device that we can keep in our pocket and take anywhere with us. You can obviously make calls and send texts with it. But you can also access internet, take pictures, find directions and do many other things. It […]

What is the best GPS phone tracker application 2015

Almost everyone keeps their phone with them at all times. This makes it very easy to find their location. All you need to do is to locate their phone. And that can be done very easily using the GPS tracker chip installed in every smartphone. There are dozens of free applications that can provide you […]

I want to track my daughter’s cell phone calls and texts. How can I do that?

You might have certainly heard, many parents keep track of their children’s activity on digital devices and this news may surprise you. In the US, about 80% of teenagers own mobile phone and most of them are Smartphones with access to the internet, games, cameras and social media. Lots of parents are worried and wants […]

What’s new with version TheTruthSpy 7.0

24 Oct, 2016: Release notes for new version 7.10: Support for Android 6.x Marshmallow Hi all, We just release TheTruthSpy version 7.10 (for Ambient Voice Recording): * Fix bug Ambient Voice Recording with Android 5.x Lollipop Marshmallow * Change record file ambient from FLV to MP4. You can download and listen with Media Player or […]

How to track my kid’s Android without him knowing

As a parent, you have the right to know what your kids are doing with their digital device. When kids get a new digital device, they are very eager to explore it and to learn various features present in it. To explore the features present in Smartphone, tablet and other devices, internet access have to […]

How to see employees’ business phone call and SMS chat in my phone

Monitoring employees’ phone calls and SMS chat has been done in workplace to gather information about their activities while working in an organization. Businesses monitor employees to improve their productivity and to protect corporate resources. The main intention behind this process is to prevent unacceptable behavior in the workplace before it can have a negative […]