Which Is The Best Application For Monitoring Android

Summary: Nowadays, mobile monitoring applications are gaining popularity and if you are confused which is the best, here is the answer. If you are looking for the best application to monitor an Android phone of your employee or kid, you can compare the many such programs available in the market. Reviews state that TheTruthSpy software […]

Are Parental Controls Important

Summary: Many parents have a doubt as to whether parental control on mobile phone is that much essential? Let us find the answer here: Regardless of whether you have a teenager or a young child, you might have definitely got the idea of taking control over the information to which your son/daughter gets access to. […]

How to Keep your Child’s App Usage Safe

Summary: If you are a mom concerned about the applications that your child use on his/her phone, here are some details that will help to ensure your child’s safety. When the internet access was first introduced, parents were able to have better control over the activities of their kids on the web, just because there […]

Keep Employees From Texting Too Much

Summary: If you are like many other employers, who are concerned about too much texting of your employees, here are some tips on how to keep employees from texting too much. Most employers from around the world are concerned that their employees are getting distracted with their mobile phones while at work. In most cases, […]

The Big Question: Is Cell Phone Spying Legal

Summary: Even though, some people do actually have the need for using cell phone spying application, they have a doubt about the legality of the app. Before they invest on cell phone spying software, most people, particularly most employers get a doubt as to whether spying is legal and whether the application they invest on […]

Key Users of Mobile Monitoring Applications: Employers and Parents

Summary: If you think about the key users of mobile monitoring applications, it is generally found that employers and parents are the users. Let us explore some details in this regard. Nowadays, the offices and work arenas have become big as compared to what it was earlier. Some decades ago, employers were able to directly […]

TheTruthSpy: The best device monitoring software

TheTruthSpy is a utility software. As the name suggests, it is mainly used for spying purposes. Thanks to this monitoring tool, you can now remotely monitor your laptops, tablets, computers and smartphones. This software has burst on the scene ever since the concept of monitoring devices came up. It is indeed the ultimate tool that […]

How to protect your minors through TheTruthSpy

What does it mean? TheTruthSpy is the most efficient and oldest reliable cell phone tracking software application available in this generation. Normally, it is used for employers who need to check their business phone and computers. The makers also recommend parents to keep track of the activities of their kids or even aged people staying […]

The best cell phone monitoring application for children

The invention of smartphone has changed our world completely. It has given us a very powerful device that we can keep in our pocket and take anywhere with us. You can obviously make calls and send texts with it. But you can also access internet, take pictures, find directions and do many other things. It […]

What is the best GPS phone tracker application 2015

Almost everyone keeps their phone with them at all times. This makes it very easy to find their location. All you need to do is to locate their phone. And that can be done very easily using the GPS tracker chip installed in every smartphone. There are dozens of free applications that can provide you […]