How to Secure WhatsApp From Being Hacked on iOS

These days the world is living on various social networking and chatting apps like the WhatsApp. These have led to great era socialization throughout the globe. There are rarely any people without WhatsApp in their Android and iOS mobile phones. These apps have been emerging as the essential parts of human life in the auto […]

How to hack WhatsApp – Hack WhatsApp Messages Real-Time

WhatsApp Hack – Hack WhatsApp Messages – Hack WhatsApp Real-Time Part 1: What do you understand with hack WhatsApp tool Part 2: Using WhatsApp Hack TheTruthSpy Part 3: Hack WhatsApp Messages via Database (Rooted) Part 4: Decrypt & Read Chats from WhatsApp Backup File on Android Part 5: Hack WhatsApp Messages via Spoofing the MAC […]

What if you have Lost Your Smartphone and How Cell Phone Spy Can Help

These days there is rarely anyone who is not aware of the uses and benefits of smartphones. Technologies have been touching the greatest heights each day. Technology is acquiring the most essential and indispensable positions in the new lifestyles. With these phones and their advantages, there are also certain risks. The greatest danger is of […]

iOS 10 Jailbreak or No-Jailbreak: the Rumors and the Reality

There have been rumors that ios jailbreak tools are out in the market and it will remove restrictions imposed by iOS. Well, it is not a rumor, and it is 100% truth. If you don’t know what exactly jailbreaking is? Then let me explain you its meaning. jailbreaking is a process in which exploits software […]

Is There Really a Good Reason to Spy on an Elderly Parent

Technological growth can be easily seen through the various new technologies. Technologies are now also known to extend a helping hand to ensure proper care for your elderly parents. These days, people have a busy schedule. This gives rise to the need to have some ways through which old parents at home can be taken […]

How to Use Tinder without Facebook and Protect Your Privacy

There has been the emergence of many applications and social networking sites since the past decade. These have been the boosters of socialization throughout the globe. These apps and sites have been in use so widely that these are now prone to security. Because of frequent chats and exchange of much personal information, it is […]

The 5 Best find my Phone Apps, and other Find my Phone options

Mobile phones are the greatest concerns these days. This is a phase of significant technological evolution and digitization. Therefore it is now difficult for an individual to imagine a life without smartphones. People have also known for losing their phones due to various reasons. These reasons may differ from carelessness to being the one to […]

3 Creative Ways to Save Logistics Money Using Employee Monitoring Software

These days technological development and the growth in various business organizations are moving hand in hand. In this scene, the emergence of different employees monitoring software has made it easy for different firms to manage their work with perfection. This software is effective in minimizing the costs of the business. These have eliminated the need […]