Tips to spy on iPhone without jailbreak

There are many applications and methods to spy on mobile phones content. For an iPhone, same can be done through jailbreaking. But many people wish to do this without the jailbreaking feature. Before discussing the methods and procedures, it is necessary to understand its concept. The word jailbreaking is mentioned a lot of times when […]

iOS 11 Jailbreak or No-Jailbreak: the Rumors and the Reality

Jailbreak is the process in which the mobile user can install the unauthorized application in their iPhone. actually, iPhone is working on the iOS which does not allow unauthorized installation. Some of the applications are not available in the app store that is why people want to install this app by another app store. While […]

How to Record Calls on Any Android Samsung phones

Samsung phones are the branded phones which are usually costly due to its incredible hardware and software qualities. Many of the mobile phones are equipped with call recording options or preinstalled recording application. It is just not used for recording voice but helps to record calls. If you have branded mobile phone but do not […]

How to spy Facebook conversations application for Android

Facebook is the most popular social media handle all over the world. There are millions of people connected through it.  It is needless to explain the benefits of Facebook, but at the same time, the bitter truth is that most of the social crimes happen through it. In that case, it becomes necessary that people […]

The Google Pixel: an android purist’s dream phone

Google is a famous multinational technology company which has a high specialization in services related to the internet.  This multinational giant is now all set to enter the mobile world with it’s very talked about mobile The Google Pixel. But the question now arises that is the Google pixel: an Android purist’s dream phone?  To […]

3 Checkpoints to Adhere To When Monitoring Employees

Are you have a concern about how your staff uses their smartphone for company work. You are worried about whether employees are working effectively for your company. If you have given smartphones to all the employees and also your company pays their bill, it becomes vital. So, the solution is to use a spy software […]

4 Tips for Using Spy App to Level Up Your Parenting

Parenting is about the responsibility and care of children. As a parent, you always want to ensure the safety of your child and protect them from any trouble. Right mobile spy software can help you to monitor the cell phone activities of your child. Children or teenagers use cell phones to communicate with friends, for […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – know the key features and specifications

Are you looking for the latest Smartphone to buy? Did you think about Samsung Galaxy S8? If you do not consider this latest smartphone of the Samsung, so you should read Samsung Galaxy S8 Review. Here, you get all the excellent and key features of this latest smartphone. Likewise, you can know the reasons to […]

How to spy SMS hidden for Android phone

An SMS (short message service) is the messaging system which is used in all of the mobile phones. It follows standard communication protocols to exchange short messages. However, only short text messages can be exchanged and not any other kind of media content like pictures or videos.  SMS is installed in all the Smartphones as […]

Best Android phones (April 2017): our picks, plus a giveaway

The Android phones have undoubtedly captured the market like anything. They have something for everyone. Whether you have 10 Thousand or 50 Thousand, you can buy out a decent mobile phone for yourself. The Android has been one of the best technologies to create an audience that was not meant to find their requirements for […]