Top 5 WeChat Spy Tools for Android

June 7, 2019 3:15PM

by: Allen Johnson

Top 5 best WeChat Spy Tools for Android

There are different applications invented that have completely changed the way people communicate with each other. New and better messaging applications have taken place. One such application is WeChat, a popular and widely used messaging application that helps users to get connected to their family and loved ones. With the help of this messaging application, one can easily send messages from one place another no matter what the location is. And as the use of smartphones is increasing, the use of such messaging applications is also increasing.

Top 5 best WeChat Spy Tools for Android

Top 5 best WeChat Spy Tools for Android

Website about Wechat:

Its increased usage of both smartphones and multiple messaging applications has become a major concern for parents who see their children continuously using them. They use WeChat and send messages to people they have never met which in turn makes them face problems. Being a concerned parent it is our duty to keep our children away from such threats and risks and stop them from talking to people whom they have never met. But, the question arises is how and the answer is with the help of WeChat spy tools. There are various spying tools available that have made the spying work for parents easier than before.

So, here in this article, we have explained the top 5 best WeChat spy tools that you can use to spy on your children’s WeChat account without them knowing.

Here are 5 best WeChat spy tools for Android

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is considered one of the best spying tools that are available in the online market. It is used by people worldwide as it offers its users amazing benefits and features. Moreover, this application even claims to provide its users with paramount protection and the features offered here are delicate and sophisticated. In fact, this application is mainly designed for parents, spouse, and employers who are in need to hack the activities of their children, partner and employees.

Using this application is easy and allows its users to easily track the location, read messages and SMS, monitor call logs, browsing history and much more. Furthermore, no additional information is needed to use this application other than your valid email address and password.

#2 GuestSpy

#2 GuestSpy

#2 GuestSpy


It is a mobile spying application that comes second in the list of top 5 WeChat spying tools. It is widely used by people and offer complete protection to the users. This application offers immense security to the users and protects them from foreign invasion. The foreign invasion is of any kind, virus or malware that is basically against the system programming.

#3 Phone Tracker

#3 Phone Tracker

#3 Phone Tracker


It is 3rd best spying application that is useful for spying someone’s WeChat account. It has the highest-security level to protect your device or system from foreign invasion. It is easy to use and allow users to hack different social media applications without the interference of any third party. However, to use this application you have to buy its subscription package which is often expensive for many.

#4 Highster Mobile


It is a 4th best hacking tool that is widely used by Android users to spy someone’s WeChat account. With the help of this application, one can easily view all the send and receive messages that are done through the target device. Using this application is easy and considered one of the cheapest medium for hacking someone’s account. To use this application you have to download it from the official website and install it on victim’s device to get its WeChat account hacked.

#5 PhoneSheriff


It is again a competitive hacking tool that is available in the online market but it is often setback due to the security. It is cheap and offers better protection for its users. It helps hackers to easily spy someone’s WeChat account without them knowing. It works well on all devices and offers amazing features and benefits.

So, these were the top 5 amazing WeChat spy tools for Android that you can use to spy someone’s WeChat account. However, if we talk about the best spying tool that can be used for hacking someone’s WeChat account then TheTruthSpy is the right option for you. It offers users amazing features, where few of those features are mentioned in the below-given article.

Features of TheTruthSpy

  1. Hidden call recorder– this application consists of a hidden call recorder that helps its users to clearly know what the two people are talking. Unlike, other spying applications and tools, it is one of the best applications that clear undisrupted calls that help one to gain evidence. Furthermore, you can record those calls and keep them as a proof of evidence.
  2. GPS location tracker– with the help of GPS location tracker, it becomes easier for parents and spouse to track the real-time location of their children and spouse. If you find that your children are not in the home and its late night; then start tracking their location and know where they are and with whom they are.
  3. Read chats and messages– no matter whether the messages are sent or received, you can spy all the messages and chats with the help of this application. It is an amazing feature that this application offers to its users and makes TheTruthSpy a comprehensive spying tool.
  4. Block services– being a concerned parent, you always want that your children should learn good things and gain better knowledge then it is important to keep them away from malicious sites, and if you find that your children are using malicious sites then it is best to block those sites and services and this is only possible with this spying application that offers your feature to block the services.
  5. Call logs details– one of the best features of these spying applications is that help its users to view all the details of the target device. All the call logs and details are available to the application users with accurate date and time.
  6. 100% undetectable– if you are making use of this application to spy someone’s WeChat account then this is the best decision you have made. The application is 100% undetectable which means that target person will never to come know that someone is spying his/her activities.

How to use TheTruthSpy for spying someone’s WeChat account

If you are in need to use this application to spy someone’s WeChat account, then here are few steps that you have to follow to get this application working.

  1. Download and install- the first step that you have to follow is the downloading and installation of this application on the target device. You can download this application form the given link and get it installed on victim’s device. Furthermore, here on this website, you will get all the information about this application in detail.
  2. Set the application and create an account- next thing that you have to do is set up the application on the target device. After this, you have to create an account where you have to provide your valid email address and password and target device information.
  3. Choose the platform you want to spying- when the above two processes are completed you have to choose the platform and data that you want a hack. Choose the WeChat platform and provide information about the target person that is the username. Now the platform will access the provided information and within a few minutes, you will get all the information and details of the target person’s account.

By following these steps you can start using this application. There are several reasons to use this application like:

To monitor children

If you are working parent and want to know what your children are doing on their phones all the time so that you can always protect them from uncertain threats and risks then this application is very much useful. It helps you to monitor your children’s activity that they perform on their WeChat account. If they are using security password on their social media accounts so that you won’t be able to see their account and other information then with the help of keylogger feature you can crack their security passwords and get access to all their social media accounts.

To catch the cheating partner

When you find your partner hiding things from you every day and lies to you, then creates curiosity in you to know what the reason is and what he/she is hiding from you. To get all the answers to all these questions, TheTruthSpy is the best option. it allows you to track the location of your spouse where he/she visits and monitor all their call logs and social media accounts and know with whom he/she talks to all night.

To monitor the employees

When you are the owner of any organization you always want increased profits and productivity in your business and this happens with the hard working employees. But, if you find that your employees are busy on their phones then it is best to hack their Android devices and track all their details.

So, these are few important features and benefits of using the TheTruthSpy application to spy someone’s WeChat account.

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