How to spy text messages Android apps with TheTruthSpy

October 19, 2015 8:45AM

by: Allen Johnson

Summary: Texting is the most popular means of communication for some years now and it is possible to spy on text messages sent and received through Android Apps.

How to spy text messages Android apps with TheTruthSpy

How to spy text messages Android apps with TheTruthSpy

Nowadays many employers provide their employees with smartphones for office use. The reason is that they want their employees to make many phone calls and even some works are to be done through mobile phones. In such a case, the employers will be interested in understanding whether the employees make the right use of the phone and are not using them for their personal use or for some other illegal activities. This can be done by the employers with the help of spy application. They can spy on the text messages sent and received not just through the phone, but also through the Android messenger applications on the phone. Here is how they can do this?

Install TheTruthSpy:

All they will have to do is to install TheTruthSpy application on the phone and they can do this even before handing over the phone for the first time to the employees. The employees will never know that there is such an application installed in the phone as there will not be any visible icons and the phone will work on the background silently.

Is it possible to read the messages sent and received?

Yes, with TheTruthSpy installed on the phone, the employer will be able to read the messages sent and received through the phone, even if the employee deletes the message after sending or receiving.

How to read the messages?

This can be done easily without actually accessing the target phone. As TheTruthSpy was already installed on the phone, it will send the copy of the messages received/sent to the online control panel. The employer can easily get to the control panel through a device with internet connection to read the messages sent and received.

Not just SMS messages:

Yes, TheTruthSpy in addition to providing details about the messages sent and received through the phone’s SMS service, but it will be possible to read the chat messages sent and received through any messenger apps on the Android phone. These messages will also be uploaded by the app to the control panel, such that employer can access it anytime and from anywhere and any system with internet connection.

Names, numbers, time and date logs:

The messages can be viewed along with the details of the numbers from or to which they are received or sent. In addition, it will be possible to collect details about on what date and what time the message was shared.

Not just for employers:

TheTruthSpy can be used not only by employers, but parents of teenage children and a wife or husband, who wishes to spy on the partner’s phone messages, can install it on the target phone. As the app will work silently in the background the owner of the phone will never know that there is such an application installed.

To conclude, spying messages on Android messenger apps and Android phones is easier these days with TheTruthSpy.

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