Spy on cell phone without having access to the phone. Is it possible?

August 10, 2015 8:46AM

by: Allen Johnson

If you are looking for a way to keep the check on the daily calls, text messages and other conversational activities through the phone, then you need not to be worried as the technology has advanced enough to help you in the most economical and effective way. You neither need to hire the detective by paying a huge money and fix the time to get the report as this can be done by using various fast promoted cell phone spy softwares. They are easy to install, use and get benefit from. Further, this kind of the softwares and apps are also useful in the business activities as this could help the boss checking the activities in which his employees are involved just by tracking their phone. The steps to get this done are as follows

Spy on cell phone without having access to the phone

Spy on cell phone without having access to the phone

  1. Phone compatibility: Different softwares are available in the software industry, which works with different operating platforms like IOS, windows, Symbian OS, android and blackberry. Further different carriers also rename the phones with their own name like orange and T mobile have the same phones as of htc but the model number may differ. You always need to get the device compatibility check and after doing the basic confirmation that the model and the needs are matched, go to the proper order page of any software you need. Also check for the available package and do consider your billing information (if it applies) and the legal terms and condition of use. Most of the time just after ordering you gets the email on your mentioned email confirming the auto registration, however, some trial versions would require you to register after the expiry of the trial time by paying a few bucks.
  2. Just after registration, you would get the email including the login details and password.
  3. Download the spy: in android phones the softwares can be directly downloaded to the phone from the Google apps store, however, in some other platforms like ios and blackberry it requires you to follow the link sent to you in the email to start the download. Once downloaded it can then be installed in the desired phone by following the instructions. Once the spy is installed, you are confirmed that the software has started working on that phone which can be used further to track the activities including calls, web browsing, phone calls, the location of the phone and date and time of the  conversations  with many more advanced features.

Login to notice activities: after the spy software has been installed it will remain active in the phone without displaying an icon on the screen or background and even the phone is turned on after switching off the same will also restart it in the back rank. The same can be tracked by logging to the spy software login page on the page. After entering the specific password and login details you can view the logged entries and other usage of the phone at your own desktop or mobile.

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