Sms and Call tracker for Android phones

June 30, 2015 9:56AM

by: Allen Johnson

Sms and Call tracker for Android phones

If you are worrying about your children, and are always thinking of a medium, that will help you keep eye on them, then TheTruthSpy is just the answer you are looking for, Sms tracker, Call tracker, Sms tracker android, Call tracker android.
Prevent your life of lies and troubles. TheTruthSpy can also be used as a online backup tool, monitor spy app as well as anti thieves. If somebody stole the phone of your child you can track everything on the phone, with or without an internet connection.
This app allows you to monitor your employees, keep track of their productivity in and out of the office.

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SMS Tracker

TheTruthSpy lets you look at all the SMS messages being sent and received via the target phone. With TheTruthSpy you can:

  • Look at the target phone’s SMS inbox and sent messages.
  • Read the contents of every message.
  • Get the names and numbers of all SMS recipients and senders.
  • Get the time and date stamps of each SMS message.
  • All SMS messages are uploaded to your online TheTruthSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Call Tracker

TheTruthSpy lets you look at the complete phone logs of the target phone. With TheTruthSpy, you can:

  • Look at all the calls made from and to the target phone in addition to any missed calls.
  • Get details like the phone numbers and contact names that the target phone has communicated with.
  • Get time and date stamps to find out when each call was made and for how long.
  • All call logs are uploaded to your online TheTruthSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. You can view the call logs by date or call time and you can even export and download all records as a spreadsheet.

sms tracker, call tracker, sms tracker android, call tracker android

More Features TheTruthSpy

– Monitor text messages (WhatsApp, Gtalk, iMessage, Viber, Facebook)
– GPS location tracking
– Spy on Calls (even deleted information)
– Bugging
– Remotely block the phone
– View multimedia files of the phone
– View memos and address book
– Url tracking
– Access to the list of installed applications
– Block websites and apps
– Block phone numbers from texting or calling
– Undetectable / Hidden Icon
– 24/7 Support
– Money Back 5 days


– Monitor Your Children
– Prevent Data Leakage
– Keep Track of Employees
– Get Your Phone Back in Case of Stealing or Losing It
– Protect Your Phone Info
– Make Sure Your Loved Are Protected 24/7.

Download and Install TheTruthSpy

  1. Browse to  from your device’s browser and download TheTruthSpy to your device.


  1. After installing TheTruthSpy, you can register new account here by clicking Register button, or if you registered an account at user control panel site already ( then you can click Login button to join this device to your account.
  2. Login to to start monitor and view all tracking data from Target Device

Cross-Platform Compatibility

– Android 2.2 To 4.x
– iOS (iPhone/iPad) 4.x To 7.1.2



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