Best Android phones (April 2017): our picks, plus a giveaway

The Android phones have undoubtedly captured the market like anything. They have something for everyone. Whether you have 10 Thousand or 50 Thousand, you can buy out a decent mobile phone for yourself. The Android has been one of the best technologies to create an audience that was not meant to find their requirements for […]

Find my phone with these helpful tracking tips

There are many different types of issues regarding the protection of mobile devices that needs to be address by every mobile user. Some of these problems are limited to the internal working of the mobiles while the other problems are related to the safety of the device from burglars and thieves. Both of these issues […]

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring

Employees monitoring may seem like something used by an organization that does not trust its employees, but installation of monitoring devices in your company has many advantages. Since it is not possible for you to monitor your workplace every time, you can use monitoring systems that keep you aware of everything that is happening in […]

How we can protect children more effectively

Protecting your children online is extremely important. Do you realize that there are approximately 50,000 child predators online at any one time? This is what law enforcement experts estimate. Now, you may not want to keep your child off the internet altogether, since you recognize the value of it. But you may want to follow […]

How to root your Android phone or tablet in 2017

Today Android phones are in the hands of every other person, everybody loves to play through them. The Android phones and tablets are very common and are workable for everybody, if you are looking forward to rooting your tablet and gain the access of unlimited software’s and the restrictions that are put by the manufacturer […]

How to record calls on your iPhone

Many people look forward to recording their calls when they are called to their friends, clients or whatever reason. Most of the people want the same to be integrated when they are on the business calls, and the client was making their requirements at a place. Sometimes it becomes hard for the people to remember […]

3 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Are you fed up with wondering if you’re being made a fool of by an unfaithful husband or wife? Are you eager to know how to catch your spouse cheating? If you’ve had enough of sitting at home fuming at the thought of your spouse with someone else, then it’s time to do something about […]