Business Usage Of Monitoring Applications

In the present competitive business world, businesses are often open to the risk of corporate theft. Right from corporate surveillance to unhappy employees sharing trade secrets related to the employer to competitors, there is a long list of threats faced by businesses. Some years ago, it was difficult for employers to keep a check on […]

Do You Have A Rouge Employee On Your Hands?

If you are an employer, have you ever asked yourself as to whether my employees are trustworthy? Have you thought whether they are loyal to your business and irrespective of the situation, will they continue to be loyal? Unless and until individuals have their own friends and family members as their employees, almost all employers […]

Kids As Young As 10 Buy Guns Online! TheTruthSpy Is Required

There is an increasing attraction towards online shopping in different parts of the world and this holds true among kids as well. A recent warning issued by the Britain Police can be highly fearful for parents from this part of the world. The police department has issued a statement claiming that more and more kids […]

Stopping A Pedophile Before They’ve Abused A Kid Could Become Possible

If you are a parent of a child at his/her prepubescent stage, it is highly recommended that you should be aware of the term pedophile. It is actually a term used to denote an individual with a condition referred to a pedophilia. This is a condition, wherein the individual experiences psychiatric disorder, due to which […]

Parents, Keep An Eye on Your Kid’s Online Life

These days, there is a considerable increase in provoking issues with kids and women. Particularly young girls are provoked by grown up men, particularly in countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Also, there is a considerable increase in the number of immigrations these days and many men with not good attitudes have entered other countries […]

Facebook Is Going To Launch A Snapchat Like App, Parent’s Be Aware!

New technology is always on the introduction in the present circumstances. Even established companies and social networks are also introducing new technologies to provide better experience to their members. This holds true in the case of Facebook as well. Now, it is announced that this social networking giant is planning to introduce an application that […]

Worried that how to get an android hack apps? The solution is here!

With the technological advancements, it is now possible to do hacking and pen testing via smartphones. There are numerous applications developed by software professionals which support ethical hacking like getting the Wi-Fi password, websites, username and password. Android and hacking: Android is the best innovation till date because it is the only operating system which […]

Snapchat, Google pay tribute to Prince with purple rain

Life history Full name of Prince is Prince Rogers Nelson. He was born in Minneapolis (Minnesota, United States) in 1958. He started his musical career from 1978 and produced 39 studio albums which combined rock, funk, pop and RnB (Rhythm and blues). Some of his hit songs include purple rain, when doves cry, etc. During […]

Privacy vs. Security – The Standoff between Apple and the FBI

Smartphones and Us: In the modern age, it has become extremely important for us to use smartphones. Not only are these phones smart, but they pretty much take up most of our work up to themselves and complete those with deft efficiency. Now, you do not need to remember an important date like your wedding […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Phone That Is More Beautiful Than You

Introduction – S6 to S7 – A Long Path Crossed: All of will remember how the Samsung Galaxy S6 was. Yes, it may have footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney and even vintage legend Franz Beckenbauer advertising its powers but overall, it failed to impress. Agreed it had some revolutionary technology like heart […]