How to root your Android phone or tablet in 2017

Today Android phones are in the hands of every other person, everybody loves to play through them. The Android phones and tablets are very common and are workable for everybody, if you are looking forward to rooting your tablet and gain the access of unlimited software’s and the restrictions that are put by the manufacturer […]

How to record calls on your iPhone

Many people look forward to recording their calls when they are called to their friends, clients or whatever reason. Most of the people want the same to be integrated when they are on the business calls, and the client was making their requirements at a place. Sometimes it becomes hard for the people to remember […]

Apple iPhone 8 rumours and news

The brands are always in news for Apple if you compare them with them with anyone else, then surely you will end up nowhere as they are incomparable. Apple is a leader in mobiles and definitely if you are the one and are looking to buy a mobile in the year 2017, then you can, […]

10 tips for better save battery life for Android phones

Have you ever thought about the battery life of your Android phones, we know most of you will shout about the same only? Most Of the android phone are said to have vulnerable battery problems, whether a phone is from the premium class or a low budget one, the issue is same, the BATTERY! Let’s […]

3 Ways to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Are you fed up with wondering if you’re being made a fool of by an unfaithful husband or wife? Are you eager to know how to catch your spouse cheating? If you’ve had enough of sitting at home fuming at the thought of your spouse with someone else, then it’s time to do something about […]

Phone Spy App Software Helps Tracks Cheating Spouse

Trust has been the most important part of every relationship, but blind trust will make a relationship more complicated.  Strains in a relationship are quite common, but they become problem why they are getting stronger. Because of this, it becomes necessary to remove your doubts and in this spying software will be very helpful. So, […]

How to Secure WhatsApp From Being Hacked on iOS

These days the world is living on various social networking and chatting apps like the WhatsApp. These have led to great era socialization throughout the globe. There are rarely any people without WhatsApp in their Android and iOS mobile phones. These apps have been emerging as the essential parts of human life in the auto […]

How to hack whatsapp messages from another phone

Currently, WhatsApp is the most popularly used messaging platform. Almost everyone who owns a mobile phone will have WhatsApp installed into it without any doubt. This messenger has already taken over all the other messaging platforms. The added advantage is that WhatsApp also allows for voice calls and video calls apart from exchanging text messages […]

What if you have Lost Your Smartphone and How Cell Phone Spy Can Help

These days there is rarely anyone who is not aware of the uses and benefits of smartphones. Technologies have been touching the greatest heights each day. Technology is acquiring the most essential and indispensable positions in the new lifestyles. With these phones and their advantages, there are also certain risks. The greatest danger is of […]

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors Amass As Launch Day for the Phone

April 21 is the date on which this mode will be going to release. Gadget gurus are curious to know about the latest features of this phone. With this new edition, Samsung is trying to rebuild their image and reputation in the eyes of customers. Through it, they want to win the trust of their […]