How to spy on iPhone text messages without jailbreak free

iPhone Jailbreak the process to install an unauthorized application in the iOS. I phone restricted the unwanted application installation in it because these can harm the software i.e. the operating system. Many people want to hack their business competitor’s device, life partner’s phone for competition in business and know partner’s faith respectively. Though, the person […]

How to hack Facebook messages without rooting

Though rooting is the best method to hack someone’s device but many users neglect it to save phone warranty. User finds the way to hack someone’s device without using a rooting method. They do not have to be worried about this phenomenon. You can find a number of applications which help you to hack Android, […]

How to Monitor Kik Messenger on Your Child’s Smartphone

Before discussing the process of monitoring the Kik messenger on your child’s Smartphone, let us first understand what Kik messenger is and how it works. Kik messenger also called as Kik is a messaging application which was developed by a Canadian company which runs on mobile. This app is available for free on android, iOs […]

How to spy Facebook messages without access to target phone

There are many reasons you can find that are why people want to hack someone’s Facebook account. In a relationship, parents, in business and other purpose, people want to hack someone’s social accounts. Many people use Facebook to share their pictures, share their life’s moments, chat with friends and else. Also, it is the best […]

How to spy WhatsApp deleted messages with few efforts

How do you make sure that your partner is cheating on you or not? To know you your partner is faithful or not you have to access their Smartphone. But it is hard to access their details because he/she keep their phone always near. Also, the social sites are safe with locking applications which prevent […]

How to hack WhatsApp without rooting

It is exciting for everyone to hack someone’s WhatsApp account. Whatsapp is most famous social networking application which is used by millions of people. When WhatsApp has launched, then it suffered from small security options. After sometimes, a user has many resources which can enable to get the WhatsApp messages with unauthorized access. To hack […]

Tips to spy on iPhone without jailbreak

There are many applications and methods to spy on mobile phones content. For an iPhone, same can be done through jailbreaking. But many people wish to do this without the jailbreaking feature. Before discussing the methods and procedures, it is necessary to understand its concept. The word jailbreaking is mentioned a lot of times when […]

iOS 11 Jailbreak or No-Jailbreak: the Rumors and the Reality

Jailbreak is the process in which the mobile user can install the unauthorized application in their iPhone. actually, iPhone is working on the iOS which does not allow unauthorized installation. Some of the applications are not available in the app store that is why people want to install this app by another app store. While […]

How to Record Calls on Any Android Samsung phones

Samsung phones are the branded phones which are usually costly due to its incredible hardware and software qualities. Many of the mobile phones are equipped with call recording options or preinstalled recording application. It is just not used for recording voice but helps to record calls. If you have branded mobile phone but do not […]

How to spy Facebook conversations application for Android

Facebook is the most popular social media handle all over the world. There are millions of people connected through it.  It is needless to explain the benefits of Facebook, but at the same time, the bitter truth is that most of the social crimes happen through it. In that case, it becomes necessary that people […]