How to make your children a responsible user of technology

Today’s kids have more gadgets to play than toys and dolls. Are your teens using the technology in a responsible way? How will you know about this? You can make your child an ultimate user of the technology by providing proper guidelines in every step from his/her childhood. Every gadget can be used correctly and […]

Is your employee monitoring effective for your business processes

An employer hires an employee to increase its productivity and to develop the business. If one of your employees misuses the facilities and uses it for personal benefits then, it may hamper your future productivity and performances in the market. There are software and apps used to monitor employee behaviors and activities during working hours. […]

How to convert YouTube to MP3

iYouTubeMP3.COM – YouTube to MP3 Converter Perfect site to solve all your queries regarding downloading and converting of music to MP3, iYouTubeMP3.COM is the site for YouTube to MP3, SoundCloud to MP3, Video to MP3 Converter! Features Converts YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, VK, SoundCloud, Instagram, AOL, RedTube, XVideos, Pornhub, and Vevo content (13 of […]

How should parents be aware of teen dating apps use by their children

It will be wrong to say that parents are willing to see their children’s smartphone with full of dating apps. Parents should be aware of teen dating apps which are popularly used by adults to date for adulthood. Today’s children with smartphones have active social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, to remain in touch with […]

One sure shot way to maximize office performance

When you own a business, you know how much hard work and dedication you have gone through just to get your business on track. A lot is on line and everything you want is a step away, it is only a matter of having the right amount of enthusiasm and effort through the workforce. You […]

Protect your child from the internet with this one step

Today the internet has taken over the world. The sheer amount of websites available is staggeringly increasing to a new high like never seen before. Most of the times these websites are unrestricted and there is no regulation on who can or cannot control the website. Pornography, demeaning content, violence and mentally disturbing content is […]

Stolen Cell Phone? Here’s what you should do

In today’s time cell phones have become one of the most important devices for any person. The main feature of cell phones is no longer just voice calls, or even text messages. There are multiple functions of the cell phone in today’s era, right from online banking right up to being the main storage devices […]

How to make sure your child stays away from the dangers of the Internet

The internet is a basic necessity today. It is more than a luxury and is so common it can be accessed from basically anywhere. The important thing to know is that the internet is more than just information and knowledge, or even entertainment. There is a part of the internet you do not want your […]

How to check on your partner using TheTruthSpy

Cheating on your partner has become more a trend today. It is very easy with technology to branch out in social circles and have multiple relationships at the same time whilst being physically present with your partner. The definition of cheating doesn’t strictly involve engaging in physical intimacy with another person anymore. Cyber intimacy has […]

Keep your teen safe on iPhone or android devices and beat the internet threats

Android and iPhone are the latest of the craze for the teenagers and one can successfully say that all these devices are being used by the larger population of the youngsters, who are school goers mostly. One could easily access from such a situation that this generation is devoting a larger part of their time […]