How to make sure your child stays away from the dangers of the Internet

The internet is a basic necessity today. It is more than a luxury and is so common it can be accessed from basically anywhere. The important thing to know is that the internet is more than just information and knowledge, or even entertainment. There is a part of the internet you do not want your […]

How to check on your partner using TheTruthSpy

Cheating on your partner has become more a trend today. It is very easy with technology to branch out in social circles and have multiple relationships at the same time whilst being physically present with your partner. The definition of cheating doesn’t strictly involve engaging in physical intimacy with another person anymore. Cyber intimacy has […]

Keep your teen safe on iPhone or android devices and beat the internet threats

Android and iPhone are the latest of the craze for the teenagers and one can successfully say that all these devices are being used by the larger population of the youngsters, who are school goers mostly. One could easily access from such a situation that this generation is devoting a larger part of their time […]

Instead of spying, monitor your child to keep their respect and use the best of softwares

In an age where children are using smart phones from the early years, it has increasingly become a concern for all parents to keep their kids away from the use of such websites and applications that may potentially harm their mental development or may even trigger certain reckless actions that may be difficult to get […]

Only 34% of parents protect their child online, while 90% have fears

The constant worry that drives all parents crazy is the fear of online threats. This is something that is unavoidable and each and every person in the world should be aware of. Since people of all ages are quite adept at using the smart phone devices, it has almost become a common standard of use […]

How to teach your child to deal with online risks and ensuring extra safety measures

The risks of the online world are many and when it comes to ensuring the safety of your child, parents all over has to take extreme measures to make sure that things are not going out of hand. The virtual world has served us with many benefits but at the same time it has also […]

Mobile applications not safe for the office and the ways to increase awareness

In the times of technological revolutions, it is a must for all to own a smart device that will not only make life easier but also sufficiently save time and also make sure that the work is being done at the stipulated time. The devices are responsible for featuring certain applications that have become a […]

Can you spy on WhatsApp Messages

Summary: WhatsApp is the widely used messenger app these days and you might be wondering whether it will be possible to spy on the messages sent and received through this app. Here is the answer. Nowadays, it is hard to find people, who have not heard about WhatsApp. Yes, it is a messenger service that […]

How To Spy My Children’s WhatsApp Messages on Android

Summary: If you are a mom concerned about the WhatsApp conversations made by your teenage children through their Android phone, you can spy on their phones. The most talked about topic these days among parents of young and teenage children is about what is being shared and messaged by their children in WhatsApp. Many parents […]

How To Monitor Employee’s Business Phone In My Phone

Summary: If you are an employer concerned about the usage of office mobile phone for personal purpose by your employees, you can use monitoring application. Nowadays, many organizations supply their employees with mobile phones and even some organizations supply smartphones for business use to their employees. But, the problem faced by most employers issuing such […]