How to monitor your employee’s phone remotely

December 26, 2016 8:52AM

by: Allen Johnson

If you have a sensitive business and do not want anyone else to have the knowledge of your business, then you have to act quick. There is a possibility that your employee may be leaking the information it has to the outer world. In such case, you must be having a check on its mobile. There are many ways your employee can cause trouble in your business. One is the leakage of information to your competent business man. Another is that it may be having some relationship with any group of people that may force him to do anything illegal. You have to be vigilant enough to tackle all these situations. TheTruthSpy is offering the solution of all these problems.

What is TheTruthSpy?

TheTruthSpy is an app which you can have on the mobile phone of your employee. It is the perfect tracking system that will allow you to have a complete knowledge of where your employee is? Where is he headed? How is he talking to? And what is he talking about? All these questions are quite important to know if you have a sensitive business. There are special features of TheTruthSpy that will help you in monitoring your employee.

How to monitor your employee using TheTruthSpy?

TheTruthSpy has some really cool features that will help you in having the complete picture of your employee activity. If you have an employee who you cannot really trust, then you must clear all your insecurities by using the software. Here are some of the features of TheTruthSpy that will help you in monitoring your employee.

  • The GPRS location system will let you know where your employee is at the time. It will help you in knowing whether your employee is doing the job you assigned to it or having a secret rendezvous with the person you do not want him to be.
  • You can see the complete log of the phone by using the TheTruthSpy. The logs will be visible to you remotely, and it can help you in finding out any contact history with any unwanted party.
  • The calls and messages are recorded instantly, and you can view and listen to them anytime you want, remotely from another location.
  • The Keylogger feature is the best tool you are given by the security company. You can have the complete information of everything that is typed or touched on the screen of the phone by your employee. You can trace and catch him from betraying you before he/she actually betrays you.
  • The voice recording system that records all the voices from the surroundings and you can hear them remotely. It will help you to know that where your employee is and what is he talking about.

The check cannot be detected by your employee as this software does not pop up any notification or any signal that will let your employee know. The battery consumption of the device is also not disturbed by the software, thus it does not raise suspicion.

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