Mobile phone call recording software download free

November 28, 2014 1:59AM

by: Allen Johnson

Mobile phone call recording software download free

Mobile phone call recording software download free

TheTruthSpy offers you the capability to slightly document all cell phone calls made both to and from the observed telephone. With TheTruthSpy, you are able to:

– Report all incoming and outgoing cell phone calls.

– Report phone calls that are made to and from distinct numbers only.

– All get in touch with tracks are uploaded in your on the internet TheTruthSpy control panel which you may accessibility from just about anywhere with a web connection. You can obtain these tracks on to your laptop or computer or simply pay attention to them from the user interface whenever you want you would like.

Mobile phone call recording software download free – Why you need this feature

Will you usually question what somebody is chatting on the telephone about? Are you afraid your workers might be creating hazardous discounts over the phone? Will be the kids on the telephone at distrustful periods? Would not it be fantastic to be able to just listen straight into their make and calls confident no problem is happening? Nicely, this is when TheTruthSpy’s phone saving feature comes in handy. All you need to do is log on to your TheTruthSpy control panel and you will probably get access to the tracks of all the phone calls getting created by your goal.

Mobile phone call recording software download free – More Features

1. Songs Global positioning system spot. Locate and monitor motion of any mobile phone! Real time GPS keeping track of, with practical chart to steer the route

2. Phone Tracks. You will be able to listen discussions created from goal telephone.(Android mobile phone And iOS phones)

3. Get in touch with Logs. logs and Monitors calls and call history.

4. Inbound cell phone calls constraint. Limit any amount for incoming calls.

5. Read through Text messages. Monitor ALL sms messages received or send from the telephone. Spy on sms messages with TheTruthSpy

6. Keylogger. TheTruthSpy keylogging attribute will allow you to read through almost everything your objective end user taps on the mobile phone.

7. Cpanel. Ease of access of most logs and phone information and facts on the web whenever from the PC

8. Reliable. 10-working day money back refund

9. Monitor calendar. Keep track of all schedule activities, organized meetings and memos.

10. Go through e-mails. Watches incoming and outgoing e-mails

11. Keep track of World wide web usage: browsing background, website bookmarks, prevents internet sites

12. Intercept immediate information: Skype spy, WhatsApp spy and Fb spy, Viber spy and iMessage spy

13. Bugging. You will be able to document area with TheTruthSpy

15. Handheld remote control. You should have a handheld control over a phone with set up TheTruthSpy: this sort of characteristics as gadget wipeout, remote device preventing will probably be under your control!

16. Undetectable! Small battery power usage

16. Stealth! Is not going to use Text messages instructions that could display on the marked cell phone, guaranteeing secrecy of your tracking

17. Hassle-free! Can handle main cellphone brands and os: Android mobile phone, phone mobile phones

III/ Cross-Platform Compatibility

TheTruthSpy works on a wide range of programs, specially top rated smart phone brands and systems. Keep in mind that the smartphone which you would like to spy on must have access to the internet to ensure that the application to perform smoothly.

– Android 2.2 up to 4.5

– iOS 4 7.1.2

IV/ It simply isn’t worth the money!

Our 4th overview centers on TheTruthSpy since this has become one of the more well-liked spyware trackers on the market. Simply because it’s well-liked even though does not imply that it’s well worth the dollars. A lot of people do make the purchase and after that be sorry later on. This spyware for cellular phones provides the exact same standard variety of functions you would discover on any other kind of mobile phone system but we have seen way too many studies from it hardly being efficient. In case you have a lot of poor evaluations moving in it is hard to disregard them. According to the TheTruthSpy reviews lies with the operation and support of this spy tracker the main complaint.

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