How to hack into someones cell phone without them knowing

October 16, 2017 9:03AM

by: Allen Johnson

The Truth Spy – safe method to hack into someones cell phone without them knowing

Cell phones are the most used technology in today’s world. And a Smartphone is the latest version of cell phones. It provides functions such as making calls, texting messages, undertaking various, activities with the help of different applications and much more. The latest thing that people take is hacking phone devices.

The Truth Spy - safe method to hack into someones cell phone without them knowing

The Truth Spy – safe method to hack into someones cell phone without them knowing

What is hacking a cell phone?

Hacking is a practice of which involves getting unauthorized access to the data and information on a person’s cell phone. It is mainly done to know a person’s phone activities. These days it has been seen that a lot of people are involved in illegal or hidden activities via their phones. Many have also taken to cheating their loved ones behind their back. Hence many new ways of hacking to get information from their phones have come up.  Many researchers have come up with innovative software’s to hack cell phones. There are much software and applications available in the market that assists in hacking.  Its functioning depends up on how good the application you are using is.

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What is The Truth Spy?

If you want to hack someone’s cell phone with the person’s knowledge then “The Truth Spy” is the best available option for spying. It is a software application.  It provides best tools to hack cell phone devices. Since a long time hacking was done, but while doing it make were got caught. But this latest spy application uses its various features to hack phone without the target person coming to know of it. It gives you access to all conversations on your phone, cuts calls helps see the location of the device and much more. It also can hack applications that are installed on the target device.

But How to hack into someones cell phone without them knowing works

The Truth Spy is the latest cell phone monitoring technology. With the help of this application, one can spy activities of his spouse, children, employees or his friends. By just sitting at one place one can get all the information of the activities being carried on a person’s cell phone. By using it, hacking becomes most simple and easy. For this one just needs to install the application on the target’s phone. It will start to monitor the phone’s log activities without the device being in the close vicinity. It can track and record all call information, SMS messages along with the devices location which is done with the help of GPS system.

One the customer installs it on the target device; the application starts to monitor all the device activities. The Truth Spy logs into these activities like SMS messaging call activities, browsing, etc. and inserts it to the customers Truth Spy account. Now when the customer logs into his account, he will get all the details in real time as well as past recorded ones. One can get all this saved in the applications account control panel.

Install Mobile Spy TheTruthSpy for Android

Install Mobile Spy TheTruthSpy for iPhone

Features of hack cell phone app

Features of hack cell phone app

Features of hack cell phone app

There are many good features to this software that makes it an ideal one. Some of its features are standard for high-quality phone spy. It can hack any cell phone line an android or iPhone. Its best part is that it gives all the hidden data from the device like sensitive and personal data to hidden pictures, as well as all internet activities. All this is done in a secretive manner without the target knowing it. That is the target will never come to know of the other person’s intension. With the help of many of its other features, one can have a good hacking experience.

Some of the added features of The Truth Spy:

  • SMS Spy: This is the basic feature of this application. It provides its customer with all the sent and received SMS in detail. As texting messages are the best mode of communicating shortly, this application offers best software’s for this purpose. For this, it has specially designed software such as Spy on text messages, SMS spy, and Text message Spy, Text spy app and more. In addition to this it also offers details of the person to who messages are being sent and received like: mane and contact number. It also records all the old messages for viewing for future reference and stores it in the account control panel.
  • Spy Call: Spying on call is the most used feature of any spy app. In case of the truth Spy, it offers its users with many benefits. You will need it if you feel you’re loved once or your staff is cheating on you. If they make or receive calls hidden from you, then it is advised to download this application. Whenever there is a call on the target device, you will get a notification. Now you can log in to your account to listen to the calls. This can be done in case of dialed as well as received calls.  It is purely done what the target person was ever knowing what is happening.
  • GPS Tracker: GPS is short for global positioning system. These days there are GPS devices that help to find out the exact location of the device. The Truth spy has an inbuilt GPS tracker that can easily track down the where about of the target device. It gives an opportunity for the customer to monitor the geographic location of the target person. It also tracks the location of the calls and messages sent and received at a particular time. It records all the location details that can be viewed at a later time. It also provides longitude and latitude details. T is the very useful tool if you feel your employee or kid is lying to you.
  • Call recording: What if you are not available when you get the call notification of the target device? In such a situation The Truth Spy records all the phone calls made or received from the target device. It records real-time calls and saves it in the websites control panel. Now the customer can listen to them at his or her convincing. This is done without the knowledge of your target. Even if any information from the device’s call log is deleted, it can retrieve it. It can also give you time and date information of the calls. It is done with the help of the application like Call recorder, voice call recorder, Spy call recorder and much more.
  • Whatsapp spy: As we all know whatsapp is the most used social networking application; the truth spy has come up with means to hack it. You loved one may be doing hidden activities in your absence. Hence by using this application, you can easily spy on the targets whatsapp messages. It also gives details of videos, pictures, images, or audios shared via this medium. For these purpose apps like Whatsapp spy, Whatsapp tracker, and spy whatsapp messages, etc. were developed. These are high-quality apps designed by technology experts. The target will not be able to guise that his account is hacked. This app will record all details for your reference.
  • Ambient voice recording: This is a unique feature of the truth Spy application. This feature can listen to live surrounding noises. It allows you to call on the target device and when you are talking it record all the noises from the surroundings. This option is available on the customer’s account panel. Before making a call, the customer has to on the ambient recorder. This way it records all the noise from the adjacent environment. It is very useful if you want to know who is with your loved one or where is he? It can record live sounds for 5 minutes to 4 hours. One can also listen to real-time sounds.
  • Social chats monitoring: The truth spy also helps to hack social media accounts. It provides for easy monitoring of chat messages on various social networking sites. These days lot of chatting takes place on these sites as they are free of cost. But this has led to undertaking secretive activities via this medium. With the help of the truth spy application, one can now monitor all the chat messages of the target person. Not only messages, but it also says on shared images, videos, and audios. It downloads them and saves them in the customer’s account control panel. All this is done without the target persons getting any clue.

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Now let us what benefit does one gain from hacking into someones cell phone without them knowing:

Hacking is stealing one’s data. It seems to be a negative word. But it has sometimes also had its benefits. We all know that these days’ cell phones are the most used device for call and texting. Almost all of day to day activity can be done through it. And if you doubt your loved one of cheating you then, it can be using the cell phones. The Truth spy gives an option to clear all the misunderstanding that takes place in your relationship. It can hack down all that is going on a cell phone device. It provides you with all the valuable information that you might need to check on your loved one.

Some of the major benefits of using The Truth spy for hacking cell phone:

Some of the major benefits of using The Truth spy for hacking cell phone:

Some of the major benefits of using The Truth spy for hacking cell phone:

  • Catch cheating spouse: The truth spy is an essential tool to catch a cheating spouse red-handed. These days there are a good number of people who cheat their husbands or wife by doing hidden activities on their phones. This has become possible due to added facilities which are provided in today’s Smartphone’s. The Truth spy applications have all the features that can help a customer to hack his or her spouse’s cell phone. Using it, you can find out with whom is your spouse talking to or texting to. One will get all this information’s on the applications control panel. It is possible after getting registered with the app.
  • Parental control: These days parents get their kids a smart phone at an early age. But they are constantly having a fear of the kid getting spoiled. They can get trapped into doing wrong things. As on the other side, parents are unable to keep 24/7 eye on their kid’s phone activities. In such a case there is a need to hack their cell phones. By doing so, the parent will get all his call details, chatting messages, online activities on their system. They can even tract their kid’s whereabouts through the application’s GPS tracker. You can also know with whom he or she is using the ambient voice recorder. All this can be done without the knowledge of the kid.
  • Employee monitoring: Employee monitoring is yet another benefit of hacking using The Truth Spy. Sometimes employees are given official cell phones, which he might also be using for personal purpose. In such a case the employer has to bare all the added expenses. By using The Truth Spy application, the employer can have a careful watch on the activities on the employee’s device. He can check if he is making the personal call or sending personal messages etc. If he has been sent for official work, then his location can be traced by using the GPS tracker. This way he will also be encouraged to work harder.
  • Back up and find lost phones: The Truth Spy has the ability to backup and record all the old data from the target device. It records all data and saves it in the control panel for the customer’s reference. It has a unique feature that helps trace lost devices. This is done with the help of its inbuilt GPS system. It can easily trace out the location of your device at any time. It also records details of a location at a particular time. Hence it is used to get the location of the lost cell phone. Another unique feature is that its GPS tracker works even if the phone is switched off or the SIM is removed.

These were some of the benefits one gets from the use of The Truth spy’s cell phone hacker. Due to its above benefits, it’s a highly recommended application. One will. Always get positive results by using this application.

In the same way, it is quite easy to use and install by any layperson. If you visit its official site, it will give you details of how to install it and use it without the knowledge f the target person.

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How to download Cell Phone Hacker App
  • Step 1: This application needs good internet connection to both yours and the target’s device. Firstly get yourself registered on the website of the application. For this, you will have to create a username and password. The site will ask for your details like name contact details, address, etc. Fill it up and get logged in.
  • Step 2: Next procedure is to get the app installed in the target’s device. Go the device’s play store. Type The Truth Spy. Now click on install. It will take just a few minutes for the software to get downloaded and installed on the device. For this, you will need the uninterrupted internet connection.
  • Step 3: Go to your login ID on the website. This will ask you for the targets detail. Details like: name number, device name needs to be filled. Once you give in the details, the application starts to record all the phones details.
  • Step 4: This way the target person will be able to see the application is downloaded on your device. But if you don’t want the target to know what you are up to, there is another option for this. Get into the target’s device. Open the application. You will find an option ‘Hide Icon, The truth spy.’ Click on it. Now this option has been applied. This means the application is now hidden from the target person.

By reading the steps mentioned above, you will notice that by downloading the truth Spy your target will never come to know of your intentions. He will never be able to find out that such an app or software is present in his phone. This process is very easy and takes just a few minutes to get downloaded on the target’s device. This way you will need the target’s device only for few minutes. Once you hide the application, you are free to hack their phone.

After you go through the above article, you will know that the best application to hack cell phone is The Truth Spy. It gives you beautiful benefits with great features. And it is the most reliable and safe method to hack phones. This is one of the best methods to get your relationship improved with spouse, kids or your staff members. If you need further information on this application, you can visit its website  If you visit this site, you can read the lot more on this form. And you will be defiantly inspired to try it.