Free phone tracker app without them knowing

October 14, 2017 8:17PM

by: Allen Johnson

TheTruthSpy – Free phone tracker app without them knowing

At earlier times, people used various monitoring tools to track the activities of their loved ones. But slowly as the time changed, it became difficult to find out the exact location and behavior of the people. To cope up with the smartness of cheaters mobile phone spy software came into a trend. They facilitate your spying task by allowing you to track message, audio calls, video calls, and other information. Therefore drop down all the old methods which were time-consuming and annoying. Get the latest technology developed spying apps today to make your spying experience one of a kind.

TheTruthSpy - Free phone tracker app without them knowing

TheTruthSpy – Free phone tracker app without them knowing

What is a free phone tracker app?

Usually, there are two types of software which allow you to track the activities of individuals. The one where you have to install the software on the target device, and the other where you have to get the software downloaded over your own phone. The 2nd alternative is quite complex but is very beneficial as you don’t have to go through the risk of getting their phone and installing the software on it.

This software is designed to provide complete spying solutions to those who have been under stressful situations since so long. People usually fall into the state of extreme depression when they start losing control over their family members.  Cheating and distrust make them feel alone and devastated and start destroying the roots of your relationships. But once you find any clue of being cheated or lied by your partner or children, you must start using spy software. It will not only help you to monitor them but will keep you out of all the stressful conditions.

You just have to get the software installed on your device, and you will start receiving complete monitored details in your device. You can spy on their texts, calls and can even locate them wherever they go. So just stay stress-free and forget all those hidden camera methods that we used in earlier times for surveillance. Start using these modern methods and save your valuable time.

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Why should you use spying software without letting them know?

Whenever we plan to monitor or track someone’s activities, our main aim is to do all this without letting them know.  This is because once they get to realize that their activities are under surveillance, they will start manipulating their behavior and actions just to hinder your practice. This was the case with hidden cameras. As the people were already aware of such cameras, they used to act innocently in front of such cameras to hide their real faces. Therefore, the development of such software became important. Now you can simply get to know what they are in real by installing the software on your device and linking it with theirs. The software is so compatible and user-friendly that you don’t have to face risks of being caught. The user can never detect that someone is tracking his/her activities. This makes the mobile phone spying software the best tool for surveillance.

How to download Free Cell Phone Tracker

As our aim is to use a phone tracker app without letting the user know, we have to go through a short process so as to make this complicated task easier for you.  To make things convenient for the users, phone trackers are downloaded on their own phone and linked with the suspect’s device through some technical configuration. In some cases, this task is performed by the user itself. Being a user, you just have to get the software on your device and give a call to your target. Even if the target doesn’t receive your call, his/her phone will generate a secret code which will be sent to your phone. This code will link both of the devices with one another, and you will start getting all the details of their text, audio and video conversations on your phone instantly.

Free phone tracker app without them knowing
Download Now

Here is a simple procedure which will assist you in the task of downloading the software.

  • Search through the internet where you will find various spy apps providing websites. Select the best one as per your requirement.
  • Every spy app has two options, one for android phones and another for iOS devices. Choose the one as per the compatibility of your phone and get it downloaded.
  • The website operators might ask you to submit your details such as name contact number etc., to make sure that you want the spying app for some generous reason. After submitting all the documents, you will become capable of utilizing the software.
  • Once you complete all this procedure will get to enjoy 48 hours of free trial. This trial period will help you to judge and understand the basic concept on which the software works.
  • At every point of time, you will be helped by experts of the particular website, so that you can download the software simply and can spy on your target while staying undetectable.

Some distinguished features of Free phone tracker app without them knowing

There are various features which support the existence of this software. It does not only provide s ways to monitor conversations, but it even locates the user whenever he/she travels from one place to another. Mobile phone spy software is one of a kind and is quite helpful in every situation. Here is a detailed explanation of every feature and its use provided by mobile device tracking software.

Some distinguished features of Free phone tracker app without them knowing

Some distinguished features of Free phone tracker app without them knowing

Track text messages– it is one of the most significant features of every Smartphone now supports chatting system on various social networking sites. You can even transmit SMS from one device to another at very affordable cost. So to tackle with this, spy apps have the ability to track and record all the messages instantly when they are sent or received. Any conversation happening over your suspect’s phone will be transmitted to your device, and you can go through the whole discussion. Now you can easily catch your partner if he is engaged in a text conversation with any other stranger.

Ambient listening– this feature is useful as it can help you out in determining the conversations that are happening between your suspect and others in real time. If they are away from you and you want to know where they are, you can dial a fake call over their phone. The call will be received automatically due to the presence of spy app, and you can listen to everything being talked around. You can even determine the location through ambiance noises, and the user will not come to know about this, and you can secretly spy on them in real time.

Check internet activities platforms like YouTube, twitter, etc., allows users to pass their spare time by performing different activities over the internet.  It not only facilitates chatting but contains other beneficial and unethical content as well. So to keep your kids away from all such things, you must get a spy app today. You can check out their complete browsing history and can even manage their data usage. All these details will be transferred to your phone and will be saved over your online control panel as well. This will help you to figure out that how much time they spend over internet surfing useful content.

Track movements and locations– through global positioning system, you can even locate your suspect at any point in time. You just have to make sure that the internet connection and GPS of the target phone must be switched on. Now as soon as they step out from one place to another, their complete movements will be captured by the spy software. You can even see the time duration for which they have stopped at a particular place. This feature is even useful in cases of emergency as you can reach the place quickly and can provide the required help to your family members.

Keylogger- to secure the mobile phones, the user simply keeps his/her phone locked with passwords. Even the email accounts and social media handles involve the use of an ID and password so as to access them. Key logger works upon capturing the activities of the user performed over such passwords. It immediately notices and records the password as soon as the suspect inserts it. Be it general password or social media handle’s password; you can get the complete details which are seized through spying apps.

Record all phone calls– be it Android or iOS device, you can simply record all the calls through spying software. Whenever any phone call is dialed or received over the suspect’s phone, the spy software will simply record it without letting the user know. Along with the call, you can even determine the time duration of which they have talked on. All the calls will be recorded and uploaded on the online control panel which is only accessible by you. Thus, you can hear such audio conversations whenever you are free, so that you don’t have to waste your time as well.

Notifications and alerts– the software are meant to provide every possible assistance to its users regarding both monitoring and security. If in case, the user tries to change his/her mobile SIM card, you don’t have to think much about it. The availability of a spy app makes the phone much smarter, and as soon as any change of SIM takes place, you get notified instantly through a text message. The message contains new contact number along with the time and location where the change of SIM took place.

Multimedia files– people usually share a lot of data in the form of images, videos, graphics, gifs, audio clips, etc. all these things come under the category of multimedia files. But a lot of times, such files are sent largely in bulk as spam. They may contain explicit content as well as viruses which can cause harm. To track the transmission of all these files, spy apps are the best tool. You can largely check the availability of pictures, videos and audios in your suspect’s device through spy software. You can even delete any of these and can block the unwanted users who transmit such files.

Completely undetectable app– as already mentioned in the beginning, this software is specifically designed so that you can carry out all the monitoring task secretly. One of the risks is already resolved as you are downloading the software on your phone. Another risk of getting caught can never take place as the suspect cannot identify that his/her phone is under surveillance. So you can consistently carry out all the spying tasks without getting into the risk of being caught. Your identity is kept hidden, and no one will ever get to know that you are viewing everything.

What is the need of a free phone tracker app?

Parental control– after extensive studies, it has been concluded that parents are the most concerned people who are in search of a spy app. This software are very beneficial as you can monitor every aspect of your child’s behavior through their phone. If they get too much engaged over the virtual world, you can still find out the reasons for it and can resolve all their tensions. You can prove to be the best parent by spending more time with your kids, sharing their experiences and keeping them away from cyberbullies.

Spying on cheating spouse– the development of mobile phone tracking app is a boon for those who find it difficult to keep track of their partners. It has become quite difficult to know the real face of people nowadays. In the name of love, some of them just want to enjoy over your money and make fun of your feeling. So if you also have some doubts on your partner, get a spy app today. Locate them and track their social media behavior. Catch those who spend a lot of time with your partner and try to create distance between you both.

Tracking employees– not only your family members but sometimes your workers can even create nuisance in your life. Being a supervisor, you may have to go through a lot of hectic tasks daily and instead of doing them, if you start paying more attention to workers, you may fall into a huge loss. So get the spy app linked with their mobile phones and start monitoring their behavior both in virtual and real-life. Locate them and find out how much productive do they prove for your organization.

Phone and data security– after installing the cell phone spy software, you can even experience the best data encryption facilities. Apart from monitoring others, it provides complete security to the data saved on your device. Now you can keep all the risks of hacking, stealing and losing of the phone away from you.  This highly upgraded user-friendly software will make all your day to day tasks easier. If you even forget your phone somewhere, you can find it instantly by locating it and securing your important data from going into wrong hands.

What are the advantages of using a mobile phone monitoring software?

Online control panel– the best part of spy software is that you don’t have to care about losing the information. In case you cannot go through the recorded calls in real time, you can still access them through your online control panel. At the date of registration itself, you get an ID password which is the key to this panel. Thus all information will stay retained.

Multitasking software– spy apps are considered to be complete packages as they provide overall monitoring solutions. By using them, you can ensure the safety of your family members along with keeping your essential data secure. And the best part is, you can perform all the activities while staying anonymous and hidden.

Complete support– the software is operated by experienced professionals who are always there to serve your needs. In case you find it difficult to use any feature of the software, you can approach the experts through email or live chats. Their instructions will surely help you in sorting out all the problems related to downloading, installation and usage of the software.

App for both Android and iOS devices– there is various software which claims to provide all round monitoring features but fails to do so. But some are quite reliable and are completely compatible with both Androids and iPhones. Thus, always choose software which can work up on both.

Get the best software today without letting them know

So what are you waiting for? Just go through the various websites available over the internet and find the perfect software as per your device’s requirement. Secretly monitor your kids, employees, and spouse and keep all the details recorded safely over the online control panel. Make things easy in life by paying more attention to important tasks.  Leave all the spying work over the software and keep on locating their day to day movements. This user-friendly software is the best way to eradicate the old and risky methods of spying on others.