Free Download Hacking Software for Android and iPhone

October 25, 2018 11:07AM

by: Allen Johnson

Hacking Software for Android and iPhone 2018 for free of costs

Tracking Android and iOS phone have become easier nowadays. With the availability of numbers of free download hacking tools, you can easily do spying on the phone of own choice via remotely. Though some of the tracking tools are paid, they are available for free trial. In this article, we will make you to get familiar with some of the reliable free downloading tracking tool for Android and iPhone. Continue on reading the article and explore some of the reliable hacking software that can be highly useful for you.

Hacking Software for Android and iPhone 2018 for free of costs

Hacking Software for Android and iPhone 2018 for free of costs

Hacking tool- What is it?

Hacking tool can easily access vital details related to targeted phone. In many hacking tools, bug or tracker is being installed on phone of targeted person. It is tracking vital information that is related to it and is uploading it to hacker server. As it is having inbuilt keylogger, one can easily use it in order to know about user account credential. Many free download tracking tool is used in below-listed cases-

  • Hacker uses it for knowing the account details of user.
  • A hacker can obtain crucial details regarding activity of social media of spouse and check whether partner is loyal or not.
  • It helps worried parents know where the kids are and with whom they interacts and their state of mind etc.
  • The hacking tool helps hacker in keeping eye on friends, siblings, employee etc.

Here are some best free download hacking tool for android and iPhone-

To begin let’s look at some of top-ranking hacking software for phone that hacker can try.

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy

#1 TheTruthSpy

The best and effective way of doing the spying on IOS phone via remotely is TheTruthSpy. It is affordable solution and using it is quite easier. You are not required having technical knowledge or experience in order to use this hacking tool. Just sign up for the account of it to use for free downloading. It functions in hidden mode. A hacker captures remotely screenshot. One need not have to do rooting device. It is too having remarkable keylogger feature.

  • It is having web-based dashboard as well android app for tracking device.
  • Not required physically access target Android or iPhone for hacking.
  • Hacker can access vital information like calls, SMS, internet history, WhatsApp chat etc.
  • No jailbreaking.
  • Extensive compatibility with leading iOS phone.

#2 GuestSpy

#2 GuestSpy

#2 GuestSpy


Another reliable free download hacking tool is GuestSpy.  It is fully compatible with leading IOS devices.  This tool is having high useful keylogger feature. One can easily do spying on various top leading social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, line etc. This toll is doubtlessly supports multiple languages.  The toll assures you 1-week free trial.  The best thing about it is that you are guaranteed full money back if unhappy with services of it.

#3 AppSpy

#3 AppSpy

#3 AppSpy


One of another most reliable and well trusted and free download hacking tool is AppSpy. This tool is having free trial so that before you buy the paid subscription, you can use it and see how effective it is.

  • A hacker can easily block some website and applications.
  • It gives you real-time location of the targeted person phone.
  • It is having excellent tracker that easily spies on various leading social media and IM applications.

It is easy to afford and you can pay after having free trial for 7 days.

#4 Mobile Spy


This hacking tool is having well advanced live panel that will help you in tracking number of devices at a single place without facing any hassle.

  • It is 100% invisible.
  • It tracks all incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, contacts, browser history etc.
  • A hacker can with no time know real-time exact location of the targeted device through the dashboard.
  • It is available with 48 hours of trial.

The subscription plan on monthly basis is easy to afford. Just get if for doing hacking.

#5 HelloSpy


If a hacker is seeking for flexible, compatible, easy to use and free downloading hacking tool, then hello spy is the best option.  This tool is good enough for capturing photos and various other media file. It can hack all the incoming and outgoing call details and record them remotely. It works well on both IOS and android phone.

#6 NetSpy


NetSpy is one of the most popularly used free download hacking tools that can be easily used on every IOS and Android device. It is easier for one to install and deploy. A tracker can access call logs, GPS, messages and other vital information.  It tracks WhatsApp and other IM apps. It records surrounding activities and calls whether outgoing or incoming.  It provides free trial before buying package.

#7 Shadow Spy


The name itself tells that shadow spy allow you in spying on any IOS or Android device without getting traced. This tool is supporting free trial of 36 hours. The hacking tool is running on untraceable stealth mode. It is providing instant log report feature. The awesome feature that has made it highly popular is internet activity, various apps tracking, GPS location, hacking Facebook and WhatsApp. The support team is offering 24X7 hours support to users facing any troubles.

#8 Phone Spying


Phone Spying tool can be used for spying the iOS and Android device. However, you are required to access the phone at least once, but android spying tool is available with many attracting features. A person using it doesn’t require going for jailbreaking or rooting device. This tool functions on stealth mode. It is good enough in tracking real-time location of phone. With the help of this screenshot can be remotely captured. The remarkable feature of keylogger has made it high in demand. Accessing call log, SMS, photos, videos etc has become easier. It too records surrounding sound.

These were some of the outstanding free downloading hacking tools 2018. You can choose anyone from it as all are perfect at own place. You can feel free to tell which one you liked the most and deserve to be on top list. I know you might be choosing TheTruthSpy.

Review: Free Download Hacking Software for Android and iPhone
  • Top 1: TheTruthSpy
  • Top 2: GuestSpy
  • Top 3: AppSpy
  • Top 4: Mobile Spy
  • Top 5: HelloSpy
  • Top 6: NetSpy
  • Top 7: Shadow Spy
  • Top 8: Phone Spying
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