How to convert YouTube to MP3

February 26, 2016 3:49PM

by: Allen Johnson

iYouTubeMP3.COM – YouTube to MP3 Converter

Perfect site to solve all your queries regarding downloading and converting of music to MP3, iYouTubeMP3.COM is the site for YouTube to MP3, SoundCloud to MP3, Video to MP3 Converter!

How to convert YouTube to MP3

How to convert YouTube to MP3


Converts YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Metacafe, VK, SoundCloud, Instagram, AOL, RedTube, XVideos, Pornhub, and Vevo content (13 of the most popular video/audio hosting sites in the world)

– Video to MP3 Converter: YouTube to MP3, SoundCloud to MP3, Facebook to MP3, Vimeo to MP3, Dailymotion to MP3
– Outputs Format: Outputs converted files to mp3, aac, m4a, mp4, webm, f4v, and/or 3gp formats
– View Online Track MP3: Provides an editor for converted mp3/aac/m4a file meta data (ID3 tags), to control track information displayed on some audio players
– Share to Social Networking: Allows a user to share a “direct-to-conversion” URL and post it on a variety of social networking sites

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About Download and Listen Music Online

The enigma surrounding music of every form has been there since time immemorial. The love that is associated with music, the whole process of listening to it in mp3 format, and the calming effect it has on one’s mind makes it all the more enigmatic. The beauty and magic that is associated with music, has made it all the more necessary to make sure that it is available to one and all in all the formats that are available.

More than the availability of the format, it is also important that various strains of music are introduced to people, their sources are determined and people get a chance to make sure that they are introduced to that strain of music more often.

Though music in itself has no boundaries, yet one’s initial introduction to music happens with the music of one’s country. With any mp3 listen track, the first aspect that is to be noted is the place of the track’s origin, and the singer. Normally, it is within the boundaries of one’s country. However, it is important to know of the various other forms and sources of music. Not just that it helps in widening one’s views, but also help in making the people aware of the different forms of music that resonate throughout the world.

The very aspect of being aware of the forms of music, enjoying them to the core, and making sure that the form of music is well available to one and all, is not just a chance but a daunting task in itself.

Usage of technology:

Initially music was one art form whose primary audience base was restricted to that domain, or my means of radio and television to that country. The availability of it 24×7 was next to nil, and so was its base beyond the boundaries of the country. The concept of mp3 download was never heard of.

However, with the increased knowledge of computers, and internet prevailing over a certain period of time, these aspects became all the more important to know and apply in real life. The whole process of downloading the music, and making it available to one and all was something that made news only in the latter half of the 21st century.

A number of software technologies were introduced that made sure that music from various countries were introduced. We, at are simply making certain advancements in this whole format, to make sure that the whole aspect of mp3 listen gets a new dimension.

With the introduction of different technologies this process of downloading music in a matter of minutes, converting the various forms of music to those that can be easily listened by us, and finally the availability of different brands of music has reached a completely new level. By means of various techniques, people can reach up to their choicest songs in a matter of moments.

We, at have a wide range of search Videos from YouTube and allow you convert YouTube To MP3 for FREE

Choicest of music available:

Getting that perfect site, where one can get a series of songs from different genres collectively is quite a rarity. This is primarily due to the specialisation that is there regarding every website, the whole set of privacy policy that they have to maintain, and finally the lack of a proper collection that can actually help people in settling for checking out the best.

Our main motive at is to make sure to the people that they get the best of the songs that are present, all in a single site. Our collection stems from the choicest of music, that evidently is nothing less than paradisiacal for any music lover. At one click of your mouse you can get the best collection of a variety of music, ranging from country music, to rock, jazz music to opera music. The collection boasts of some of the best names in those brands of music, making it a one-stop destination for free mp3 download.

Another very important aspect happens to be our policy of providing free music. Unlike other websites, we make sure that our website does not charge any amount for the music that has been downloaded. Contrary to various other music websites, that make sure that with each download, they have a hefty sum as part of their download, while our array of music is free from any type of monetary amount.

Beside iYouTubeMP3 allow you convert SoundCloud to MP3.

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