How to Block Unwanted Text Messages on iPhone and Android

February 11, 2019 8:51AM

by: Allen Johnson

Get the Way to Block the Unwanted Text Messages on iPhone and Android

Have to recently purchase a new Android or iPhone? Are you receiving unwanted calls and text messages on your phones? No matter which kind of a device you use, we often get tired of receiving fake or spam messages again and again especially when we are busy in a business meeting or doing some important work. If you are also facing such a situation and want to get rid of those unwanted text messages then this guide is for you. Here in this article, we will be teaching you about the most proven and simple way to block unwanted text messages you are getting on your iPhone and Android.

Get the Way to Block the Unwanted Text Messages on iPhone and Android

Get the Way to Block the Unwanted Text Messages on iPhone and Android

Block unwanted text messages on iPhone and Android using TheTruthSpy

If you are having an iPhone and wish to block the unwanted text messages, then it is best to use the most preferred and trustworthy application that is the TheTruthSpy App. yes! You heard it right. It is a popular third-party application that is used by millions of people worldwide. It is not just used for blocking the unwanted user or number from calling and texting, but it is even used for monitoring other person’s activities as well. However, to use this application easily you have to follow a few necessary steps that are mentioned in the below-given article.

How to use this app

  • Before you start to use this application, you have to go to the setting option available on your device and turn on the unknown sources option. Now you have to visit the official website of this app that is the Now you will see the option of creating a new account, you have to create a new account with this application using email id and password. The application offers its users 40 hours trial package. You can use this package to known the features of this application. Once you are satisfied with its features you can purchase the subscription package that is affordable for you.
  • Now you can download and install this application on your device which would merely take 2-3 minutes. Now visit the contact list and block all the spam calls and messages that you have received. It is simple and easy to use application that helps you block all the unwanted messages and calls. Other than this, the application also offers its users other features that enable users to monitor call logs, messages, SMS, location tracking, password hacking and a lot more. The application is fully undetectable and is compatible with all types of devices.
  • The application is widely used by parents, spouse, and employers who wish to spy on the activities of their kids, partners and employees. The application consists of various features that help the application users to even known from which place the call is being done. It is a great help for investigators who are in need to track the location of a suspect without them knowing.


So, if you are also irritated with spam calls and text messages, then block them today using TheTruthSpy app and get rid of them forever.

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