Best spy SMS Android phones 2015

July 24, 2015 9:47AM

by: Allen Johnson

The trend of the private as well as the business working, sharing technology and dealing for the better opportunities has been changed. In this era, it is strongly needed that the bosses and the parents (both on their own part) keep the track of the working of their workers and children respectively. In business, there is a strong need to make sure that your ideas are not being shared with some other company and the designs are not passed on to someone else. Most of the tools used for any such mishap are the digital gadgets, among which the android phones are on the top of the list. Various softwares have been launched by the big software companies dealing with the Android platform to keep the track and monitor any such activity or SMS conversation. The best and most used SMS android phone app is a TheTruthSpy software which can help you in keeping the track of the SMS sent by target whatever are they and wherever they go.

The installing TheTruthSpy spy app requires following the simple procedure as of any commonly used android application. This can be downloaded from the TheTruthSpy.COM and further installed in the mobile phone of the user and the authority going to operate it for tracking of other phone activity. These sorts of apps run in the background without making the system run slow.

Best spy SMS Android phones 2015

Best spy SMS Android phones 2015


TheTruthSpy, the best spy SMS Android phones 2015

Unlike ordinary SMS tracking software, it also enables the parents and employers to record the messages while maintaining the log of the complete name, number on which the conversation has been made, its exact time and number of messages with their carbon copy which can be displayed on your phone. It has been observed that today’s young generation prefers the text messages over calls. So tracking the SMS via spy app is the best thing you can do to track the conversation of the target.

Other features:

  • GPS location: you are given the choice to choose the time interval for updating the GPS position. This can be displayed on the map on your phone. Thus making it easy for the boss and parents to keep the eye where the employee and children are going. Thus the employees could not be able to lie that they were out looking for some official work
  • Listening the surrounding sounds: by switching on the microphone of the phone under observation you can remotely track the surrounds voices and conversations. These recordings are then uploaded to the user account where they can be heard lately.
  • Photos and videos: using the software you can control and view the pictures and videos uploaded or captured by the target phone. The videos been browsed can be also viewed thus enabling the parents to safe their Childs by switching on the parental mode or intimating them.
  • Stealth camera: like the microphone you can also use the camera on the target phone remotely to see that what’s happening all around there miles away. You can not only take the pictures, but can also upload them to the user account.

Easy to Download & Install

Step 1: Download & Install TheTruthSpy

Download TheTruthSpy for Android

Download TheTruthSpy for iPhone

Step 2: Register new account to TheTruthSpy app. Hide icon is nessesary

Step 3: Login to to view all tracking data and start monitor

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