Best Free Android Phone Tracker Apps

March 13, 2019 8:45AM

by: Allen Johnson

Do you what are some of The Best Free Android Tracker Apps

No matter whether you wanna track someone location or you have lost your cell phone, android phone tracker can let you do both of these. You will find plenty of Android phone tracking applications that claims to offer the best services and features but hardly few of them are capable of doing so. This article is written so as to enable the customer to get a claimed and assured service with regular updates in 2019. All the below mentioned applications, offer real-time updates so you won’t find any difficulty in picking up any of these apps. So, are you ready to swim into the pool of best android phone tracker apps of 2019?

Do you what are some of The Best Free Android Tracker Apps

Do you what are some of The Best Free Android Tracker Apps

Best Android tracker apps

#1 TheTruthSpy

One of the most popular and high rating tracking application in the market is TheTruthSpy app. It offers you a wide array of features that too with guidelines. Get it from:

For Android:

For iPhone/iPad:


  • Offers extensive GPS location tracking system with highly advanced software
  • Tracked locations offer you real-time results without any interruptions
  • Since the dashboard is user-friendly and interactive it is capable of giving crucial information about the suspect

Price- this android phone tracker cost $20.99/month as a premium plan

#2 AppSpy


Another cool tracking application on the web for parents, spouse, and employer is where my android. It has been renowned as the most used and outstanding app with different features. You will be able to track not only the location of the suspect but also the photos, videos, and documents from his/her cell phone.


  • All the past, as well as the present location, can be tracked using it
  • It offers an array of records depending on the suspect activities
  • You will be able to open up the screen lock more fluently
  • You can also make use of the application remotely without being around him/her
  • The geo-fencing feature is the most reliable for the utmost level of results

#3 AVG anti-theft app


The anti-theft app is used to monitor lost phone or misplaced cell phone location. It not only offers tons of features which can benefit the user immensely but also with claimed results. It assures the clients that the lost phone or misplaced cell phone will get resumed within the mentioned time period.


  • Real-time tracking on the basis of time and date is possible
  • It not only supports Google Map but also tracks live location as well
  • The highly advanced camera features traps all the recently captured pictures and videos under the nose of the suspect
  • No matter whether the suspect has changed the SIM card or not, the tracker still be able to absorb information from suspect new SIM card

Price- the price of the anti-theft tool is around $3.5/device with additional features and antivirus Pro options

#4 Track My Phone


Another popular and globally being used app in the market is easy to spy. You can see the rating, reviews, and feedbacks mentioned by the existing users.


The easy spy is capable of performing activities such as absorbing information like photos, videos and useful document from a suspect cell phone

Price- FREE


Now you can decide as per your budget and need, which application will suit the best.

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