Automatic spy call recording for Android phones free

December 9, 2014 2:14AM

by: Allen Johnson

Automatic spy call recording for Android phones free

Automatic spy call recording for Android phones free

TheTruthSpy gives you the cabability to remotely record all phone calls produced both to and from the observed phone. With TheTruthSpy, you may:

– Report all incoming and outgoing calls.

– Record calls that are supposed to and from certain amounts only.

– All call tracks are uploaded to the on the web TheTruthSpy cpanel that you can access from anywhere with a web connection. You may down load these recordings to your laptop or computer or just hear them from the cpanel at any moment you want.

Automatic spy call recording for Android phones free – Why you need this feature

Can you often question what someone is chatting on the telephone about? Are you scared your staff might be making hazardous offers over the phone? Are the little ones on the phone at suspect times? Would not it be wonderful so that you can just listen straight into their calls and make confident nothing wrong is happening? Nicely, this is where TheTruthSpy’s contact recording characteristic is useful. All that you should do is log on to the TheTruthSpy cpanel and you will definitely have access to the recordings of all telephone calls becoming manufactured by your goal.

Automatic spy call recording for Android phones free – More Features

1. Songs Gps navigation area. Locate and monitor movements associated with a cell phone! Real time GPS tracking, with convenient guide to steer the route

2. Contact Tracks. It is possible to listen chats made from target cell phone.(Android os And iOS phones)

3. Call Logs. Monitors and logs call and calls background.

4. Inbound cell phone calls limitation. Restrict any quantity for incoming cell phone calls.

5. Go through Text messages. Keep track of ALL sms messages obtained or give from the mobile phone. Spy on texts with TheTruthSpy

6. Keylogger. TheTruthSpy keylogging feature enables you to go through every little thing your goal end user taps in the mobile phone.

7. Cpanel. Accessibility of most phone and logs information on the web at any time through the Personal computer

8. Dependable. 10-day cash back guarantee

9. Keep track of work schedule. Keep track of all schedule pursuits, planned events and memos.

10. Read through e-mail. Monitors incoming and outgoing e-mail

11. Check Online consumption: surfing around background, internet site bookmarks, obstructs sites

12. Intercept immediate messages: Skype spy, WhatsApp spy and Facebook or myspace spy, Viber spy and iMessage spy

13. Bugging. You will be able to document environment with TheTruthSpy

15. Handheld control. You will have a handheld remote control over a cell phone with put in TheTruthSpy: such capabilities as gadget wipeout, distant device preventing will likely be below your control!

16. Undetected! Minimal electric battery consumption

16. Stealth! Is not going to use SMS directions which may show on the objective telephone, making sure secrecy of your own keeping track of

17. Hassle-free! Can handle significant cellular phone manufacturers and operating systems: Google android, apple iphone telephones

III/ Cross-Platform Compatibility

TheTruthSpy functions on an array of programs, especially major smart phone brands and operating systems. Keep in mind that the smartphone which you wish to spy on will need to have access to the internet to ensure that the software to operate smoothly.

– Android 2.2 up to 4.5

– iOS 4 7.1.2

IV/ It simply isn’t worth the money!

Our Fourth evaluation locations on TheTruthSpy because this has grown to be among the more well-liked spyware trackers out there. Because it is well-liked though doesn’t suggest that it is really worth the funds. A lot of people make the purchase and then regret it afterwards. This spyware for mobile phones supplies the same standard array of functions you’d discover on any other type of mobile monitor but we have seen lots of reviews from it hardly becoming functional. If you have lots of bad evaluations going in it’s hard to overlook them. According to the TheTruthSpy reviews lies with the operation and support of this spy tracker the main complaint.

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