5 Tips For Parents to Keep Kids Safe Online with any Smart Phone

October 14, 2017 6:39PM

by: Allen Johnson

Parenting is always challenging for the people as they are concerned about the safety of their child. Nowadays, the Smart phones and the internet make it much difficult. You can get a valid reason for it that is with using the smart phone; the children are becoming smarter and sharp. The smart phone is become a primary device for all people and even for children and teenagers. Hence, parents have to buy a mobile for their child and sometimes before buying a computer for them. It is an essential device that children can use to contact their parents in an emergency.

5 Tips For Parents to Keep Kids Safe Online with any Smart Phone

5 Tips For Parents to Keep Kids Safe Online with any Smart Phone

The children use smart phones for various purposes like playing games, calling parents and friends, internet surfing, social media activities and even online shopping. So, parents always bother about their children activities on the smart phone, especially social media activities. Thus, it is vital to you as a concerned parent to add some restrictions on the usage for your child. So, you can protect your child from any trouble and also keep their kids safe while using smart phones.

Here, you will get 5 useful tips for parents to keep their kids safe online. If they use smart phones, parents should monitor their phone activities.

  1. Choose a right spy software

The most useful tip that you can get is to use right spy software. It is an effective way to monitor all the activities of your child by installing this software on the mobile. If you do not want to show your child that you are monitoring him or her, it is the best way. You should use a right and advanced software that consist of some nice spying features for a smart phone. Some of the excellent features you can get by appropriate spy software are listed below:

  • Monitor internet activities: you are able to view the internet sites visited on the smart device. It helps you to know what your child is surfing on the internet.
  • SMS tracker: you can read both the sent and received text SMS on a computer with the help of this software. You can also find the accurate date and time with all the details in the message.
  • Whatsapp tracking: you can also track your child on Whatsapp by using spy software. You can monitor and find what images, videos and massages your child is receiving and sending on whatsapp as well.
  • Call recorder: you can record the calls of your child by using this software. You can also check the phone logs, as well as contacts, save in mobile.
  • Read contact history: you can read the contact history as well. You can know which people are in touched with your child.

You can choose TheTruthSpy software that is effective and easy to use software for parents. It has all above features with some more an advance feature that makes it effective spy software. It can work with any smart phone as it is compatible with all the leading platforms.

  1. Limit the apps in phone

Another useful tip for parents is to limit the number of apps in the smart phones. So, you should decide the apps of the smart phone of your child. You should also restrict the numbers of game apps in the smart phone. It is important as they can get addict to the online games and it draws their attention from the study.  Simultaneously, you have also to check the downloaded apps on the smart phone. It helps you to detect whether your child is using improper apps on the phone.

  1. Restrict the in-app purchases

Children can use the online shopping and overspend money for purchasing products with the credit cards of parents. They can do in-app purchases without their permission. So, you should restrict the online shopping for small kids and in-app purchases as well. You should remove the apps from the phone that have in-app purchase options, as your child can use it.

  1. Monitor the social media activities

You should monitor the social media activities of your child to keep the child safe online. Most of the children having smart phones use many social media networks. You should always check what your child is actually posting on the social media and also check the pictures posted by your child.

  1. Know the exact location of your child

You should ensure the safety of your child and can use GPS tracking for it with ease. It provides the exact location of your child online. At an emergency, you can reach quickly to your child.

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